How to Create a Killer Trade Show Display in NYC

It takes just two or three seconds for a customer to decide whether or not they want to check out a booth at a trade show. The competition at such events is intense. So, the design of your trade show booth needs to be top notch for maximum impact.

The goal of your display should be to make a bold statement and attract the right people, says Trade Show Display, a reputed printing service for trade show displays in NYC.

Here are some tips to create an effective display and gain an edge over the competition at trade shows.

Have an Attractive Tag Line

Your display needs a short, to-the-point and memorable tag lines that will not only resonate with the attendees but also reflect your brand. This tag line can be put at various places in the event’s backdrop banners, say printing services in New York. The tag line should clearly state your brand value.

Highlight Your USPs

The backdrop is the centerpiece of a trade show display. Therefore, it must contain key information that you want prospective customers to remember. For instance, it can have a large image of your latest product or an innovative new solution for an existing problem. You can also get custom tents designed in NYC to gain an edge over the competition. Make sure you use high quality vinyl or fabric for all banner printing for a professional look. A backdrop made from poor quality material can give the wrong impression about your brand.

Use Digital Graphics

Changing images and videos displayed on LED monitors can complement the printed graphics in your booth. You can show an animated version of the company logo or a fresh product in action. However, make sure that these graphics aren’t overwhelming. Otherwise, they might end up reducing the appeal of your booth.

Incorporate QR Codes

You can have a QR code among the graphics displayed on your booth and have something like a high-impact video or an interactive experience that the visitor to your booth is directed to. If done right, this can turn a visitor into a potential customer.

Ensure that the Text is Easy to Read

This one might seem obvious, but it is important to keep in mind. Illegible print, cluttered text, etc., can be very off-putting for the viewer. If people can see your brand name, tag line and other important information from a distance, they will feel tempted to walk into your booth.

A trade show is basically a competition for attention. And, this attention is limited in quantity. Therefore, make sure you get your display, event backdrop banners and custom tents created by the best printing services in NYC, New York.

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