How to Create a Monster

By Daniel Jamieson, US Daily Review Senior Editor

How can we begin to analyze the actions of teenager Jared Cano, whose high school bomb-plot was foiled Wednesday by Tampa police? Discussion could focus on whether society creates these fiends, or if monsters are just born this way.

Critics may well look at family life, education, social status, media influences, anything they want, trying to find a clue. The frustration comes from the fact that by now it’s too late, the acts have already been perpetrated, the entity already created.

Societies may look at what happened in the hope of preventing it from happening again, but here is the second problem. Why, after countless measures and true, passionate attempts to curb such tragedies, do these things keep happening?  The realistic tragedy is that we are now not all that shocked when it does happen. It saddens us, makes us shake our heads, but it doesn’t cause the uproar that it should.

Cano is a deeply troubled young man. Raised in a broken home, frequently in serious trouble, he seems lost at an early age. Was it because he didn’t reach out, or was he denied the help and attention he needed?

This particular teenager has been a menace for most of his life. The gun charges, assault, trespassing, violence are all key indicators of a future inmate. Why then was he never sentenced? If our solution to criminals is to take them away from society, why was this young-yet-able man allowed to freely pursue his evildoings?

He was expelled from the school he chose to take revenge upon. Perhaps washing one’s hands of a deviant leads only to further trouble, but what else could they have done? Whenever society cannot handle a problem, we trust in our legal system to take care of things. If it fails, there is nowhere left to feel confident.

If a person is angry and disturbed enough to take a sadistic plan to action, they will find a way. Thankfully he was stopped at the eleventh hour, but Tampa wasn’t far enough from being added to the increasingly long list of unexplainable tragedies.

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