How to Do More for Less

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You can live well while saving up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to a new book YOU CAN PROSPER: How To Do More With Less. Many ways of enjoying life and living longer are included in this book. It explains how to do so in a way that can save you money, save time, be more organized, prepare and follow a budget, plus live spiritually. In it, author Lucille Friedland, M.S., who is a marketing consultant and coach, shares success secrets that she tried or used while recovering from car crashes since  2007.

“My car was totaled in the second crash,” said Friedland. “I was bedridden and only able to be up two to three hours per day. Therefore, to survive I had to figure out how to do things extremely quickly and affordably. Still, I wanted to enjoy life. Thankfully, I have since mostly recovered. I wrote YOU CAN PROSPER because I want to share what I have  learned.”

What is the need for YOU CAN PROSPER? “Live long and prosper,” alien Spock famously said on Star Trek as he held up his famous hand sign.  Yet, with the average American household debt estimated to be $90K (AOL on May 13, 2016), many people here on earth want to live better with what they have. Friedland shares new and classic ideas, often supported by  research.

At 61 pages long, this book is a quick read and easy-to-understand. Links allow readers to go to mentioned online apps or videos. References at the end of the book with links permit readers to explore the full article describing the research study in more detail. Published by RainbowExchange.NET Books, this paperback and eBook respond to needs of the  public.

“This book is great for anyone interested in self-help, life skills, personal finance, spirituality, fun, joy, eco-friendly/ green, or just an excellent read in general,” said  Friedland.

Author Lucille Friedland, M.S. is available to speak about YOU CAN PROSPER at conferences in the U.S.A. and in English-speaking parts of  Canada.


Lucille Friedland, M.S., Marketing Trouble-Shooter, Consultant, and Business/Personal Coach with Friedland Marketing  (

Friedland brings over 25 years of successful marketing and strategic planning expertise. She has won over a dozen awards and honors in her field. In 1996, she established Friedland Marketing. While serving other types of clients as well, she specializes in cases where people are having problems making their marketing work or they want to grow their business from a cocoon to a butterfly. Her former clients have grown up to 30 fold in revenues and valuation. She earned a Master’s of Science degree fromSan Jose State University (SJSU), Bachelor’s of Arts from Brandeis University, and Bookkeeping Certificate from Central New Mexico Community College  (CNM).


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