How to Find IOS Developers at Affordable Rates

In this technological age, businesses are finding various ways to invest and make their mark in the increasingly expanding and evolving technological market. As such, mobile software development has become one of the gateways into this market. Tech giants such as Apple and Google release thousands of diverse apps at a rapid pace every day in their respective app stores. Hiring developers for mobile development project can be a challenge. There are many ways to find iOS developers and Android developers for your mobile development apps. To ease the process, there a few things you need to consider.

Know the Factors

Although it might seem simple at first, finding the right iOS developer for your project might take some effort and consideration. To get the best development team for your project, that is both within the scope and budgetary limitations of your project, there are factors that you definitely need to consider before doing any recruitment.

1.   What do I want?

Understand and be clear on what you want. This includes clarifying the parameters of your project, timelines, budget, and the like. This will help you narrow down the skills and experience that you will require from any developer that you will hire for your project.

2.   Do I really need an iOS developer?

Knowing the scope and limitations of your development project will help you know what kind of developer you would need. It would help to know if you actually need iOS developers for iOS app programming or just a UI/UX designer for your overall aesthetic. And if you do need iOS developers, if their expertise covers knowledge of iOS application lifecycle and skills in iOS design patterns and iOS programming language.

3.   How much experience do I need?

The scope of the project and the expertise required to achieve its goals will aid you in identifying the quality of experience that you will require from the potential developer or development team that you are going to hire. Experience matters in that it impacts not just the skills that developers bring in to the project, but the cost and scope of the project.

4.   What tools can we compromise on?

Have an outline of the tools that you would prefer to be used for your project. This will provide direction to the developers or development teams on the tools that they will be using and the tools that are not on the list but are still compatible. This will help streamline the management of the project and the development team.

5.   How adaptable should they be?

No one developer knows everything. The ability to adapt and learn is a desirable trait in developers. This shows you that they are capable of adjusting to the development needs of your project. This also becomes an opportunity for you to engage in discussions with your development team on how to improve your project.

Know What Developer You Need

Aside from the aforementioned factors, a good start to finding the developer is to know the exact type of software developer that you need for your iOS app programming job. There are different types of software developers you can hire, and they mostly depend on the need and the scope of the development project. So far, there are 3 major types of software developers you can hire for your iOS app programming needs. These developers can either be in-house developers or remote employees of your company.


Full-time iOS developers are the ones you hire to work exclusively for your company and for a certain agreed upon length of time. This software developer work for your company for any and all iOS developer jobs you may have. Full-time developers work exclusively for your projects and your company.


Freelancers, on the other hand, are developers that do not have exclusive long-term contracts or affiliations with companies. These developers are self-employed and are mostly contracted to complete specific tasks or projects. Freelancers are also able to work on any number of tasks or projects at a time, not necessarily dedicated to one project or client.


This category leans more towards a client-developer relationship. Contract-to-hire is where companies work with developers in a project in a trial period for an agreed-upon length of time. After this trial period, the company will then decided whether to hire the developer permanently or not. This type of hire provides both the client and developer time to understand how a possible collaboration will be.

Know Where to Hire

When you know the type of developer that you need for your project, the next thing to do is figure out which avenue to take in hiring the software developer that you need. There are a number of ways you can go about this, the top 3 are as follows:

Personal and professional network

You can utilize the personal and professional network that you have to send out feelers for developers expert in the iOS programming language and the requisite tools. This way, you get an additional layer of reliability since the people you can potentially hire come from the tech talent pool that your colleagues and acquaintances know and recommend.


There is also the option of posting for iOS developer jobs in your local job portals or professional communities. This provides you with the opportunity to personally interview and evaluate the potential iOS developer for your project.

Freelance portals

Aside from your network and local job portals, you can also put up job postings online in the numerous freelance portals available. Portals such as Upwork, Freelancer, and Indeed are hotspots for numerous freelance developers. You can definitely find developers with skills on iOS design patterns and app icon design among the developers in these portals.

Better Decision Making

Learning how to create an app and make money from the venture is a challenge that most companies, startup or otherwise, are encountering in our technological age. Having a project and hiring the best developer team that fits into your budget can be a struggle. But there are ways to make the process easier.

  1. Know the scope of your project. Defining the scope of your project helps you know your limitations.
  2. Know if you really need an iOS developer. Understand the skills and experience your project needs to better filter through the potential developers you hire.
  3. Know the type of developer that you will need. If you need full-time, freelancers, or contract-to-hire for your development project.
  4. Know the tools that you will need. And identify better and more cost-efficient alternatives.
  5. Make the most of the available hiring avenues; such as your professional and personal network, local job portals and professional communities, and even online job posting sites.

Having a good grasp of these factors will ensure that you are able to narrow down your options and have a clear path on how to go forward with hiring iOS developers for your project. These factors will also help you identify the cost that your project will require, and help you adjust accordingly to get the best and affordable rates available.

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