How to Get Gen Zers Interested in your Small Business

When it comes to running a small business successfully, there are a lot of strategies you need to use to make consumers aware of your business’s existence. From growing Instagram followers to building your email subscription list, you need to reach out to customers in the right way to get them interested in your store or services. And if you’re offering a service that’s of interest to young people, like millennials and Gen Zers, then you have to reach out to them in a particular way. You may not be sure where to get started, though, because Gen Zers are a notoriously hard bunch to market to and bristle anytime they come across traditional  advertising.

Luckily, there are some great strategies you can use to get Gen Zers interest in your small business, and to make them loyal customers, too. It’s all about understanding where they’re coming from and applying that to your general strategy–and here’s  how.

Make it  personal

When you think about Gen Zers and how to market to them, you have to remember that everyone is trying to market to them and that they’ve been subjected to advertising since before they can remember, growing up with tablets and smartphones in their hands. So if you want them to take you seriously, you have to take them seriously. Research them, thoroughly, and create separate buyer personas for Gen Zers from different regions. And don’t forget that they’re the most diverse media users yet, so you want to get creative and be as inclusive as possible. (Not just with race, but also with gender, sexuality, political views, and  class.)

Once you’ve done that, create content that’s tailored for the social media platforms they spend the most time on. As long as this content isn’t a pop-up ad (they hate those), you should start getting their attention  immediately.

Live and breathe social  media

Speaking of social media–you need a complete mastery of social media if you want Gen Z’s attention. They live and breathe social media, and so should you. Research how long they spend reading Facebook posts versus Instagram posts and curate your content accordingly. Additionally, become an expert in Instagram and Snapchat, because these are a hugely important way that Gen Zers connect with each other, celebrities, and  brands.

It’s especially important to create an Instagram for business account, which will allow you to connect your account with contact information, your website, and your Facebook page. Additionally, you’ll get free analytics via Insights, which means you can find out which posts are most effective and information such as location, age, and gender about your followers. Get used to creating Instagram stories, too. 70 percent of Gen Zers regularly watch stories on Instagram and Snapchat, after  all.

And if anyone comments on a post or asks a question, reply right away. Using chatbots is also a great way to stay connected  24/7.

Be  thorough

Gen Zers love thoroughness. They will spend a ton of time researching a product or service and comparing your small business to competitors. So anytime you post a picture of a product, show it at different angles, in all the colors it comes in, and allow viewers to learn all about how it was made, what it does, and how it’s been reviewed by past  purchasers.

It’s well worth the time to do this, considering that in 2019 Gen Zers are going to surpass millennials as the largest  generation.

Back up good  causes

According to  Inc.:

“A distinct characteristic of the Generation is their desire to contribute to making the world a better place. Despite their age, members of this generation strive to bring positive changes in their communities. Ninety-three percent of them say that their decision to work in a company is majorly influenced by its impact on society. To prove their point, 30 percent of Generation Z is willing to receive a 10-20 percent salary cut just to work with a company that shares their  causes.”

So if you sell clothing, create content explaining that it’s ethically sourced, eco-friendly, and you pay laborers well. If you offer services–you’re an accounting firm, for example–do some pro bono work for a local charity. Then, write about it in your blog, include it on your website (in the “about us” page, so that it’s part of the mission), and post the info on social media, so that you’ll get the right  publicity.

These are some of the best ways to get Gen Zers interested in your small business. What other strategies do you think would be effective, especially in your  industry?

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