How to Help Your Teen Learn How to Drive


Watching your teen get behind the wheel for the first time can be nerve-wracking, but there are ways that you can help your teen learn how to drive in a responsible manner. This will allow your teen to develop safe driving habits that will put your mind at ease whenever they go for a  drive.

Help Your Teen Study for, and Pass, the Driving Theory  Test

Having a thorough understanding of driving theory is just as important as knowing how to navigate a car throughout busy streets. Therefore, one of the first steps you can take to help your teen learn how to drive is allowing them to study for the driving theory test and pass it with greater ease. Click here to access a variety of mock theory tests that will completely prepare your teen for the real  thing.

Start Practicing in a Safe  Place

Before getting your son or daughter to drive on busy roads, it is best to find a safe place in which your teen can practice making turns, parallel parking, moving in reverse, etc. You can, for example, find an open and empty parking lot after business hours so that your teen can practice navigating the lanes and parking in between the lines. Everything from signalling, parking, turning, and braking, to accelerating and changing gears, can be practiced safety in this type of environment, and there will not be any pressure from other cars on the  road.

Move On to Quiet Back  Roads

Quiet side streets that have a lower number of cars can be the next step that your teen can take while learning how to drive. This is where the basics will really be reinforced, as your teen will learn how to slow down when coming around curves, how to come to a full stop, how to navigate a four-way stop, how to make turns, how to maintain a safe distance and the right speed, and how to deal with other cars, motorcyclists, bikers, runners, animals, and pedestrians who are sharing the  road.

Get on Busy Roads and Dual  Carriageways

Once your teen is totally comfortable driving safely along back roads, it is time to allow them to get on even busier roads, as well as on dual carriageways. This will require confidence behind the wheel, as your teen will need to learn how to safely change lanes while driving at a high speed, as well as how to safely merge onto and off of the carriageway at the right  speed.

Be a Good Example, and Don’t  Panic

As a parent, it can be easy to panic while your teen is driving you around, but it is important to stay calm. If you can stay calm and show confidence in your teen’s abilities, your teen will also be comfortable and confident. Also, being a good driver whenever you are behind the wheel will set a great example for your teen to  follow.

Implement the tips above if your teen is learning how to drive so you can make the process  easier.

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