How to Keep your Kitchen Pests Free

Finding pests in your home, and especially your kitchen, can be a nightmare for any homeowner. These unwanted visitors are not only gross but can also cause problems for you and your family. The kitchen is often the area where pests are attracted to the most because of the many food and water sources. To keep your kitchen pest free, it is important to do your research and be prepared. If the problem seems too hard for you to handle, hiring a pest control specialist might be the route you want to take. 

Dangers Caused by Kitchen Pests


A cockroach is one pest that knows how to hide, and it is quite dangerous. It will always have a shelter in your electronics. For your information, a cockroach spreads over 33 types of bacteria that include salmonella, E Coli, and over seven types of human pathogens. On top of that, their saliva, decomposing body, and droppings contain proteins that can trigger various kinds of allergies and increase the severity of the asthma symptoms.


A rodent is a sharp-toothed pest, a famous disease carrier that has invaded over 21 million homes in the United States. This brings with them several dangers that might affect their health. Mice and rats have been known for spreading Hantavirus and salmonella bacteria. These rodents may also carry other pests that cause various diseases. They are lice, fleas, and ticks, which pose a significant threat to many people’s lives. They chew electrical wires, something that may cause a fire in the homes.

Prevention is the only way because when they move in, they always find the right place to hide. They spread at a very high rate, and you may find a female mouse giving birth to more than 12 babies every three weeks.

Fruit Flies

They are very dangerous because they detect a fermenting fruit from far. So they do not come from the decaying fruit but rather through the windows, which do not stop them from spreading. They get through very tiny holes, which helps them make a living from these fruits.

Pantry Pests

These insects always gather around various kinds of foods that are often stored in the kitchen cabinets. They invade dry cereals, flour, candies, chocolate, and spices. These types of pests may include Indian meal moths, beetles, and ants.

How to Prevent Bugs from Accessing your Kitchen

According to the national pest’s management authority, the following measures have been put in place to ensure that your kitchen remains pests free.

  1. Wiping up any crumbs or spills from the tables, countertops, shelves, and floors.
  2. Ensure that food is stored in airtight containers and that garbage disposal is done regularly and in sealed receptacles.
  3. Ensure that you purchase food in a sealed package, which shows no sign of damage.
  4. Adding bay leaf to packets and canisters of dry goods like rice, flour, and other types of grains.
  5. Remembering to check the expiration dates of the baking ingredients.
  6. Ensure to check on the fresh fruits on the counter to avoid decay or over-ripening.
  7. The female fly lays around 500 eggs on the fermenting fruits, and thus, it is always advisable to dispose of it in the outdoor trash cans to prevent the eggs from hatching.
  8. Running the garbage disposal regularly
  9. Avoid letting dirty utensils, especially the dishes, pile up in the sink for an extended period.
  10. Making sure that pet foods and water blows are routinely cleaned.
  11. Installing door sweeps on the outer door and also repairing the damaged screens.
  12. Moisture sites must always be eliminated.
  13. Sealing of crevices and cracks on the outside of your home and even around your kitchen, especially around the water pipes and stoves.

If the situation is uncontrollable, always contact professionals for assistance. You can always find them on the internet or referrals from friends and family members.

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