How to Know If Your Boss Is Using Employee Control Software

Employee monitoring is nowadays very commons in almost every business. There are high chances some monitoring tools are even being used in your company, and your boss is probably monitoring you as well. But, how to detect employee monitoring software?

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the key clues which can help you recognize whether you’re being monitored or not.

What Is Employee Monitoring Software?

Before we dive into this topic, we should explain what exactly is employee monitoring software. You might be familiar with employer spyware but if you aren’t we’ll briefly cover the most important aspects of such tools.

This software offers a lot to your employer. First of all, it allows them to control and gather information about your work. But not in the negative sense of the word. You probably have at least one colleague who tries to avoid work in every way possible. These people are better known as slackers and they are exactly why such software exists. With the help of it, your manager can clearly see who’s working and who isn’t, as well as exactly how much time each of your team members spends on non-productive tasks. Therefore, further activities can be undertaken to improve the work of the entire collective and create a healthier work environment.

Employee control software also enhances productivity. It has been proven many times that when you have someone who’s looking over you when you work, you tend to be more productive. And it’s simple – when you’re aware that you’re being observed, you try hard to make a good impression. More productivity equals better overall performance which is great for the whole business.

Is Your Boss Spying on You?

Now that we got the basics of business computer monitors out of the way, we can focus on certain clues which indicate that you’re being monitored (if you weren’t aware of it):

Check your company’s handbook or your contract

This is probably where you should start your research. Your contract or the company’s handbook may have policies stating how exactly your actions are being monitored (this may include checking emails sent and received through company devices, phone calls and even social media screening). Companies are often obligated to list all possible ways they monitor their employees in a handbook so it’s a smart choice to always have it by your side.

Ask the IT department

If you have a good relationship with the IT department, you can ask them about employer tracking software and whether something similar is implemented in your company. Be straightforward with them and they’ll probably tell you.

Check the running processes at your computer

This is probably what most people first do if they have some sort of technical knowledge. Your PC can tell you a lot so if you open task manager, you’ll maybe find a program which you don’t you, and which works passively on your computer. In most cases, it’s some sort of monitoring tool so this is a clear indicator that something is off.

Your boss recalls specific situations

This is kind of specific, but still, it’s a great way to know your boss is using employee control software. If they remember conversations which didn’t happen while they were around, or know about some tasks you handled in secret, you should be super careful. On top of that, if they know information about your private life or content of your emails and other documents, it’s a clear indicator you’re being monitored at work.


To sum up, your boss may or may not be watching over you. If you want to play it safe, then the best bet would probably be to behave as that you’re being watched. By doing so, you won’t be overthinking and your boss won’t have anything even slightly suspicious to turn on you.

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