How to Maintain Long-Term Client Relationships

Long-term clients are a key part of running a successful business. Not only can they provide your company with reliable income throughout the year, but they are also likely to recommend it to their peers and provide invaluable word of mouth recommendations for your business. It can be easy for you to get comfortable with your long-term clients, and start to overlook them in favor of attracting new ones.  However, it is vital to put effort in with your most regular clientele, too – otherwise they could take their business elsewhere. What are some things you can do to keep your longest serving clients happy?


One of the most important things you can do is stick to your promises. As soon as the two of you have agreed to a deadline, then you must stick to it. Just because they’ve been part of your business for years and years does not mean you can start being slack with them. They always deserve the best service from you. No matter how long you’ve been doing business for them, always treat them like it’s the first week of working together. If you constantly strive to impress them and meet their needs, they won’t feel the urge to move onto a competitor.


In the business world it is easy to get lost in the numbers; a client could easily become a list of figures. You need to remember that they’re a person, with preferences for how they like things done and a whole life outside of work. According to Forbes adding personal touches with your client relationship is a great way of showing you care. These touches could be a number of things: from sending them a thoughtful present for a milestone birthday or sending condolences if they’ve lost someone. This treatment will make them feel looked after by the business.

Private Jet

Meeting with clients regularly is vital for maintaining a good relationship. It’s a time where you can both openly communicate with one another. These meetings can be difficult to maintain when your client is on the other side of the country or in a different country altogether. You could hire a private jet on demand, no purchase necessary. It makes life easier for both parties as you can pick a time which works for everyone. It adds luxury to the travel experience and will make your client feel looked after and important to you.

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