How To Make Your Shoes More Comfortable

A great deal of strain is placed on our feet throughout the day. Naturally, this means that our footwear is also put through a lot of stress. 

Due to this you truly need to look after your shoes and your feet – remember if you look after your footwear and give your feet your best, then your feet will be looked after. Too many of us settle for lower quality footwear and shoes and don’t look after our feet and this can in turn cause problems with everything from our feet to our backs and our posture. Good shoes matter and knowing how to make your shoes more comfortable is extremely important. 

Follow this advice from the Orthotic Shop and you won’t just be able to avoid blisters! You’ll be able to keep your feet comfortable all day long and increase the lifespan of your shoes. 

  1. Use baby powder to keep shoes from squeaking. 

  1. To add traction to smooth soles, use sandpaper. 

  1. Toothpaste can take care of dirt and spots on sneakers. It’s an effective cleaning agent that can be used to make shoes look like new again. 

  1. If your shoes have started to smell, try placing dry tea bags inside of them. This should take care of any unpleasant scents. 

  1. If you want to protect your canvas shoes from water, you can use beeswax. Just rub the beeswax into the shoe. From there, pull out a blowdryer so that the wax will be absorbed into your shoes. Alternatively, you can try using Scotchguard or a similar product. 

  1. If shoes don’t fit well, you can stretch them out in your freezer! Fill bags with water and put them inside of your shoes. From there, leave your does in your freezer overnight. 

  1. You can give your leather boots wider shafts by combining newspaper and a leather stretch spray. 

  1. Want to wear high heels comfortably? Try taping toes together! If your middle toes are secured together, you should be more comfortable. Make sure you use a tape that will be gentle on your skin. Tape your toes loosely; you may be uncomfortable if the tape is too tight. 

  1. Use gel deodorant to get rid of blisters! Just rub the deodorant against the parts of your feet that are prone to blisters. Alternatively, you can try rubbing it against the inside of your shoes. 

  1. If your feet are already blistered, green tea can give you relief. Because it’s a natural anti-inflammatory agent, it can help to bring swelling down. 

  1. If your shoe straps are too tight, you can get extra cushion from moleskin. 

  1. Want to soften the straps of your flip flops? Try wrapping cotton around the straps. This can also leave your shoes looking better than ever!

These 12 tips will make your shoes more comfortable and will help your feet and your body significantly. Utilise them and take them on board and enjoy a more comfortable shoe experience. 

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