How to Pick a Bottle of Good Wine without Label


We all drink, but, unfortunately, very few of us know how to choose this very alcohol. Most frequently, we try as many kinds of same alcohol as we can until something appears to be good. And then we simply stick to this very brand and kind of drink. But, what if you come to a store and there is no familiar label? Or you are travelling and the store is full of completely unknown  labels?

Well, this is a common fear but today we will help you overcome it. Below you can find several tips on how to buy red wine without orienting on  labels.

*Read* the  label

This sounds like a step you actually make all the time, but in this case you will actually need to read it! Pay attention to the words used on the label. If you see vague descriptions of the area where the wine was produced or it just says ‘table wine’ without specifying its kind, this is a red flag. Leave the bottle and proceed with your research. Buy only bottles with detailed  descriptions.

“On sale”  products

We often opt for “on sale” products when lacking money, but when grown up prefer avoiding such things because believe that these products either have expiry date coming soon or just simply cheap. Well, not necessarily. Pretty often stores lower their prices for some products because they simply do not sell. So, it is no surprise that you can find many vintage wines for sale, for instance. Don’t be quick to judge these things and, again, read  labels

Choose easy  pairings

We all know that some kinds of red wine go with precise foods, while some dishes require white wines and even beer. So in this respect, make sure that you know what will be served before you buy a bottle of red  wine.

Keep also in mind, that some wine sorts are contrasting, while some are complementing. Neither are wrong, but they are just different. It is easier to choose ‘complementary’ road because here the tip is easy: light with light and rich with rich. So if you have cheese tasting it should go with full-bodied reds. The pairing info you can also check  online.

Be  modern

Remember that we lie in the era of modern technologies that can help you with every aspect of your life. So instead of guessing, consult. Of course, standing in a store and googling information might not be the fastest and most comfortable thing to do. But with the help of an app you can easily find the required kind of red wine for your table or to buy as a  gift.

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