How to Plan a Company Holiday Party in 2020

Coronavirus has changed the way we do many things, from our work style to our social plans to even how we shop at the grocery store. Though the world may look completely different than how it did just a few months ago, there are still aspects of life that go on, including the celebrations of life events, holidays and work parties. Though these celebrations may call for different protocols due to safety precautions, that does not mean they have to be any less fun! Listed below are the top tips for planning a company holiday party in 2020:

1) Follow the Latest Health Mandates and Protocols

As experts’ understanding of Coronavirus continues to grow, different guidelines are put in place for the public to follow to ensure the utmost safety. If opting for an in-person holiday party, be sure to follow the latest protocols as proposed by the CDC. Recent guidelines include wearing a mask unless eating or drinking, taking temperature checks upon entry, having hand sanitizer readily available at all times and telling individuals who may be experiencing any symptoms to stay home. As the situation continues to evolve, the CDC website should be checked regularly.

2) Consider an Outdoor Venue

Experts have additionally stated that Coronavirus may spread more easily in enclosed, indoor spaces, as the virus remains airborne for long periods. To ensure that social distancing is possible, work holiday parties would be best held in large, outdoor spaces. A great idea is to rent out a tent and instill heaters inside. Naturally, as the holidays take place in winter, this may be near impossible in very cold areas. If this is the case, indoor venues should be large enough to allow for lots of spacing between individuals and have proper ventilation. Buildings with poor ventilation will not allow for clean air to filter through, increasing the risk of the virus staying in case it is brought into the venue.

3) Try Something New

Prominent psychologists around the world have noted a decrease in mental health around the globe as individuals cope with the vast changes due to the pandemic. At work, company morale may not be at its best, and therefore, a complete change in pace for the holidays may be the best bet. Instead of opting for a traditional party, consider partaking in a fun, holiday-themed outside activity that will naturally require social distancing and safety. One exciting possibility that has gained more popularity this year is to have a scavenger hunt around the city or a park. Such an outside activity that requires movement will keep everyone at a good distance.

4) Opt for a Virtual Party

Some companies would still prefer to hold a virtual event over an in-person one, and luckily, there are lots of ways to make this party just as entertaining! Thanks to video-calling companies like Zoom or Skype, all office workers can get involved safely and distantly. There are plenty of fun activities to do over a virtual party, including holiday trivia, holiday-themed art projects like building gingerbread houses, bingo or even wine tasting (even better this year, with no one having to drive!). Moreover, thanks to the technology provided by virtual parties, new kinds of activities are possible, including watching videos together in an easier way, such as holiday shows, movies or music videos.

As you can see, the fun of holiday work parties does not have to be sacrificed due to the pandemic. In fact, this year is an opportunity to shake things up in a positive way, leaving your team refreshed and ready to welcome a new year in 2021!

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