How to Prepare for Your First Meeting with a Family Lawyer

If you have arranged an initial meeting with a family lawyer in Miami, it is important that you make sure to take full advantage of your scheduled time together. First meetings are very important for determining if you want to use that attorney, building rapport, understanding their approach and opinion of your case, and setting expectations for a professional relationship moving forward. Use this time wisely, so that you can move forward with your case in family court with the confidence that you have chosen the right professional to represent  you.

Collect Paperwork

Compile any relevant paperwork you have pertaining to your case, whether it is a divorce, custody, adoption, or any other type of family law situation. It is highly unlikely that you will have time to go through all relevant documentation during your first meeting, but is equally likely that there will be documentation that is helpful to the attorney during this initial  meeting.

Write Down Details of Your Case

Try to write a list of all details of your case before sitting down with the attorney. Once you begin discussing the details of family law in Miami with a professional, you will likely forget about some important details pertaining to your own situation during your meeting. Writing notes beforehand is the best way to ensure that you are able to convey all of the information about your circumstances to your attorney in your scheduled time, and leave your meeting confident that you laid out all of the basic  details.

List Out Questions You Have

In addition to writing down the details of your case, it is important to go into your meeting with a clear understanding of what questions you need answers to. Again, it is likely that you will forget some questions that you’ve decided are very important to you, and it is important that you have full confidence in your family law attorney. Making sure that you get the answers to all the questions you initially determined to be important will be essential to peace of mind while moving forward in your case. Of course, many other questions will come up throughout your conversation that you hadn’t initially thought about, and you will hopefully leave your meeting much more informed than when you  arrived.

Remember to Discuss Payment

Many people feel uncomfortable talking about money, but remember that this is a hired professional that you are bringing into your case to ensure a positive outcome. A good lawyer is not cheap, and it is important that you understand the fees, payment schedules, and billing models that you should expect. There is nothing worse than being surprised by an invoice, and cost is an extremely important factor to consider when you are deciding on a family law professional in Miami. Depending on your price-sensitivity, this may be a bigger or smaller issue than with others, but no matter who you are, payment is an extremely important discussion to have during your initial meeting with a  professional.

Of course, there will be more things to consider while preparing for your initial meeting with a family lawyer in Miami, but these are some important first steps to take in your preparation. Be sure to take full advantage of the time spent with your attorney, since you are paying for their time and therefore want to maximize your  results.

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