How to Social Distance While Moving This Spring

As many know, the COVID-19 outbreak caused many to lose their jobs and to not be capable of paying rent or the mortgage during this time. How does that affect the real estate market? The housing market so far looks good nationwide and is expected to grow more this year. The statistics show that any chance of a housing downturn is unlikely. Most houses are affordable in most states today, so this would be the best time to move.

Spring is here. The rain is falling and the flowers are blooming. The leaves on the trees are starting to grow back, and it’s not only a very scenic time of year, but also a great time to find a new home or to buy your very first home. The only issues that get in the way of buying a home or selling one would be the lockdown and the social distancing rule. So, how can we get past this without disrupting the guidelines that the governors set?

How to Maintain a Social Distance While Moving

Some homes are getting smart by utilizing the virtual tour tool. Buying a house is one of the largest purchases that you will ever make in your life. This is a huge decision and requires lots of pondering and time. Usually, spring is the busiest time of year to do any type of moving or selling homes. Not many people are buying or selling currently due to the economy, so how does this work for many citizens nationwide?

Although the unemployment rate is skyrocketing and thousands are filing for unemployment each week, this may be the best opportunity to buy a house for some families that may not have had the chance to buy one in the past. It will be very difficult to continue to follow the strict lockdown guidelines while also living your life and making the best choice for yourself to move to a new home. How will this work?

As long as there are no large gatherings such as house warming parties, and as long as people can maintain a 6 feet distance, moving to a new house seems to work out just fine. It is always possible to have a housewarming party after the country reopens, so if you were considering that, you can always postpone the date for a later time. If you are moving in with someone else outside your immediate household, it might be better to wait on that as well until the lock down is over due to social distancing.

Tips for Moving During the COVID-19 Lock Down

First, while moving to a new home it is important to stay 6 feet away from people outdoors such as your neighbors. Next you need to rent a moving truck or use your own to move. Using moving workers to help you move might not be available in your area due to the lock down. Moving services might be available for some depending on the state. While moving, use a face mask to protect yourself from the virus.

Finally make sure to have your own vehicle when moving only because public transportation, taxis, ubers, and other modes of traveling may be postponed until the country reopens. The fourth tip is to continue to work from home until the job says you can go back. The last tip is to stay connected by social media, phone or text to not only keep in touch with your loved ones but to also notify them if you would like about the moving process while social distancing.

Conclusion of How to Social Distance While Moving This Spring

Following all the state guidelines, using the tips, and keeping track of the housing market should make you successful in your moving trip. By practicing social distancing skills while moving, and postponing any house warming parties or gatherings, you can still move to a new home while practicing social distancing.

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