How to Start a Security Company

With new companies being born every day and news headlines constantly reminding us about the dangers of our modern society, right now is one of the best times in history to start a security company. There’s a lot of money to be made protecting people and property from threats like vandalism, assault, robbery, theft, and other aggressive acts. Merely having the idea to start a security firm won’t be enough to get you going. Check out this simple guide for a three-step rundown on the process.

1. Purchase the Necessary Equipment

Of course, you can’t effectively protect anything if you don’t have the means to do so, which is why protective gear and equipment will need to be first on your list of things to do and acquire. While budgeting is important, you should avoid cutting costs in this department and opt instead for reputable brands. Your equipment needs will vary depending on the kinds of clients you’ll be providing security for. As a minimum, you should expect to shop for guard belts, gun holsters from Front Line Holsters, pepper spray, tasers, flashlights, vests, and cell phones for team communication.

2. Hire the Right People

Once you’re geared up and ready to provide equipment to your employees, it’s time to start screening applicants. You’ll want to start with a team of at least 3-5 people to ensure you’re prepared to accommodate a small security job from day one. Ideally, at least half of your starting lineup should have some level of experience as security guards, as you don’t want to be starting the company with a bunch of rookies at the helm. While background checks are obviously necessary for these positions, it’s equally important to conduct an initial interview to assess the applicant’s personality and attitude.

3. Advertise and Promote

Assuming you’ve taken steps to properly incorporate your security company and set up the necessary record keeping and accounting procedures, the next step is to start promoting your security services. It may be worthwhile to invest in television, radio, and billboard ads, as even though they can be costly they’re one of the fastest ways to spread local awareness for a new company. Likewise, you’ll also want to have accurate listings on online platforms like Google Maps and Yelp, as well as offline directories like the phonebook. Maintaining a company blog is a good way to project professionalism and impress prospects who look at your web presence after discovering your brand.

Building a Solid Foundation Before Taking on Clients

Ultimately, being thorough with the above steps will help you avoid problems that cause financial and reputational difficulties for your business in the early stages. As the owner and CEO of a security startup, your clients are placing a lot of trust in you, so it’s imperative that you’re sufficiently educated and equipped to provide satisfactory services from the very beginning. Thus, it’s always best to establish your company on a solid three-part foundation consisting of quality gear, knowledgeable staff members, and diverse promotional practices.

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