How to Start Your Financial Year Strong

By The Hensley Group, Special for  USDR

In 2007, the world faced an economic crisis that destroyed the finances of private persons, businesses and entire countries. In 2016, there are still many who are reeling from the effects of that crisis and are looking for ways to get themselves back on track. Many others are looking for ways to safety proof their finances so that they never have to worry about these things happening to them ever again. Disaster proofing finances is only one of the many things that you will learn about in the new guide written by Tim Hensley titled The 7 Critical Steps to Financial Stability: Moving from Financial Crisis to Financial Stability in Your Life. It is a step-by-step guide to not only repairing your current credit situation but making strides to creating a viable, sustainable and protected future as  well.

In the book, you will learn everything from setting a family budget and living a financially responsible lifestyle by first getting everybody in the family on the same page, to creating passive income from small businesses or small investments. Early steps will include figuring out your financial recovery- formulating a plan and then implementing and following through with it. You will also learn how to take your expenses and your income and make them both work for you instead of the other way  around.

In the meantime, you will also learn how to stop worrying about out of control credit, break free from your slavery to banks and lenders and above all else you will stop worrying about financial storms and crises that may destroy others around you because you will have an actionable plan for protection already in place. The 7 Critical Steps to Financial Stability: Moving From Financial Crisis to Financial Stability in Your Life is a must-read financial guide that you will need to repair your credit now and to protect your family’s wealth in the  future.

The 7 Critical Steps to Financial Stability: Moving From Financial Crisis to Financial Stability in Your Life by Tim Hensley will be available on Amazon in electronic and print  form.

About the  Author

Tim Hensley was raised in San Luis Obispo, California and graduated with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from theInternational College of Los Angeles. He took his strengths to the financial sector in 1984 where he began work managing mortgage departments around the country. He also became a certified counselor in both pre-purchase and foreclosure  proceedings.

Mr. Hensley has also appeared on talk radio shows including Winsor and Marco (Attorneys at Law) Legal Talk on 960 AM in Phoenixand KQCK 1510 out of the Queen Creek area. He has published articles on Fox Business Online. He has given a number of seminars about finances, Medicare insurance, special needs trusts and related  topics.

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