How to Stop Obama’s Immigration Plans? Impeachment

By  Federal Accountability Caucus, Special for  USDR

This morning, the Federal Accountability Caucus praised both liberal and conservative leaders and media outlets for aggressively confronting President Obama’s reckless Foreign, Immigration and Anti-Terrorism Policies.  U.S. Citizens, Elected Officials and the Mainstream Media are blasting and confronting President Obama’s lack of leadership to aggressively defeat Islamic Terrorism.  In spite of the horrific terrorist attacks carried out by a Syrian refugee on Friday, President Obama vowed to continue to accelerate and accept unverifiable Syrian refugees into the United States instead of increasing shelter, aid and security for refugees overseas as the President defiantly usurps his responsibility to protect U.S. Citizens at all  costs.

In order to preserve the integrity of the current and future Offices of the Presidency and to protect the Constitution, Federal Laws and the American People, the Federal Accountability Caucus calls on the United States House of Representatives to immediately act upon its Constitutional duty to Impeach President Obama in order to protect the American People.  The Federal Accountability Caucus has presented a draft Impeachment Resolution: Articles I-VII and accompanying Discharge Petition to members of the House of Representatives to accelerate the process and hold President Obama accountable for his egregious violations of Federal Law.  Congress must stop Obama’s unlawful and unconstitutional Foreign & Immigration Policies that recklessly endanger the safety and security of the People of the United  States.

More than 31 State Governors across the U.S. have launched an uprising against Obama, and are urgently calling on his Administration to immediately stop Syrian Refugee migration to the Country to avoid ISIS infiltration.  The Governor uprising adds to the recent United States Federal Appeals Court ruling against President Obama’s Immigration Policy that declared the President’s Immigration actions  unconstitutional.

President Obama’s intentional or unintentional lack of leadership and strategy to defeat all forms of Sunni and Shia Terrorism has empowered safe passage and safe havens for both Sunni and Shia Islamic Terrorists.  Obama’s relentless support of the JCPOA treaty will begin to release portions of the $100 billion to the Islamic Republic of Iran and its Terrorist Proxies next month.  The dangerous terms of the treaty have already begun to enable limitless movement of weapons to Iranian sponsored Militia’s and Iranian Shia Terrorist  Proxies.

The Federal Accountability Caucus (“FA Caucus”) – – @FACaucus – #FACaucus – is a bipartisan accountability initiative that provides streamlined communication between Citizens of the United States and Elected Officials. The FA Caucus has been established to educate citizens and address important legislative issues including the accountability of elected officials. The FA Caucus mandate is to protect the United States Constitution, Civil Rights, Citizen Freedoms, and the integrity of the United States Government and its Judicial  Systems.

SOURCE Federal Accountability  Caucus

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