How to Turn Your House Into a Green Home

As the global climate crisis grows in severity, the effects of climate change are a reality of everyday life. It is important to lessen the carbon footprint of your house. Transitioning to sustainability can save you money, too.

There are many improvements you can make to your house that will turn your home eco friendly. With these tweaks, you can be confident you are environmentally and energy-efficient.

If you’re looking to make this transition, read on for important green home tips.

Check Your Thermostat

One of the simplest ways to achieve a more sustainable home is to install a programmable thermostat.

With these thermostats, you can adjust your heat or air conditioning to run at certain times. For example, you can program your heating to maintain a lower temperature during the times of day you’re away from the house.

While you can adjust traditional thermostats, the energy usage to either cool or heat when adjusted is severe. Use these programmable thermostats to transition easier from cold to hot or hot to cold.

New Windows

You may live in an older house. Those houses were built with single-pane windows. One surefire way to make your home more environmentally friendly is to invest in dual-pane windows.

These windows increase energy efficiency by 24 percent in the winter and up to 18 percent in the summer. They are less drafty and better insulated.

Not only will you burn less fossil fuel to heat or cool your home, but with dual-paned windows, you will save money on your heating and cooling bills.

Change Your Water Heater

A great sustainable option is a tankless water heater. Traditional tank water heaters keep water hot by heating a large amount of it.

This requires a lot of gas and energy. Tankless water heaters heat water on demand rather than keeping a reserve, cutting your gas and electric usage.

Solar Panels

Installing roof solar panels is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and shrink your electricity bills.

Though you may think of these as too expensive or too complicated, you may wonder, are there solar panel installers near me? Thanks to the technological advancements over the past few decades, there are many dedicated solar panel installers.

Likewise, many utility companies offer rebates for solar panel installation, and the U.S. Government offers tax incentives for solar panel systems.

Call an Architect

Thinking of adding to your home? There are many architects well-versed in sustainable architecture. These architects can design your brand-new home or addition to be as sustainable as possible by minimizing your home’s impact.

Their ability can help you reduce waste and improve efficiency through the use of eco-friendly materials and the water system and solar panel design.

Make Your Home a Green Home

A green home is beneficial to the environment and beneficial to your wallet. Though turning your home green does need an initial investment, follow these tips, and you will save money.

Sleep well, knowing you are doing your part in preserving the earth for your children and grandchildren. Want more home energy efficiency tips? Keep checking out our blog for updates.

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