How Vacations Can Help to Improve Your Health


While we know it’s fun and exciting to take a vacation, studies are now showing that vacations are also very good for your health. That’s right, there are actually a number of health benefits associated with taking a vacation, so many that it may just sway you to pick up the phone and book that trip you’ve been putting off. Statistics show that only about half of U.S. employees actually take their allowed vacation time each year, which equates to a whole lot of time that has gone to  waste.

Help to Prevent Heart  Disease

Heart disease is a very serious issue affecting millions of people each and every year. Studies have been done that showed men were 30% more likely to suffer from a heart attack if they skipped taking a vacation for five years in a row over those who took a week of vacations each year. That’s a pretty big difference. Women also suffered higher odds of developing heart disease if they skipped out on vacations as  well.

Combat  Stress

Pretty much every person suffers from stress of one kind or another. It could just be mild stress or it could be chronic stress that is affecting a person mentally and physically. Regardless of how much stress you’re under, vacations can be a wonderful way to help bring that level  down.

A study done in Canada with 900 lawyers showed that when they took a vacation they were able to bring their stress level at work down. Now here’s something really interesting: those effects weren’t just temporary as they lasted past the vacation  time.

Help Out Your  Relationships

If you find that your relationships with your friends, family, and significant other have been suffering as of late, it could be that a vacation is in order. A study that was published in the Wisconsin Medical Journal followed women in rural Wisconsin over a period of five years and found that those who took vacations at least two times each year were more satisfied with their  marriage.

Become a Better  Employee

Has your productivity at work been suffering as of late? Is your boss starting to notice this drop in performance? If you can’t seem to find that get-go and improve your productivity, it could be that you need a break. Ernst & Young performed a study that showed for every 10 hours of vacation time an employee took, their job performance rating increased by 8%. What this means is that it’s a win-win for employee and employer when you take a  vacation.

Shop Around for  Deals

If you are the type that hasn’t been away in years, now is the time to start shopping around for deals and take advantage of the many health benefits that vacations offer. Why not take advantage of the many great Tremblant hotel deals available at Mont Tremblant in Quebec, Canada. This destination allows you to enjoy nature, take part in an array of outdoor activities, relax at the spa, and really just get away from it  all.

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