How Will the Election Impact Health Care?

By Sun Life Financial, Special for  USDR

The U.S. business group of Sun Life Financial hosted its fourth Sun Life Summit to shed light on important and complex issues surrounding potential health care policy impacts from the upcoming election. The Summit gave perspectives on how employers can navigate upcoming policy changes, as well as better manage disability programs while remaining compliant with federal regulations and avoiding increased costs due to loss of  productivity.

The keynote session, “The Politics of Employee Benefits”, featured speaker Katy Spangler, Senior Vice President, Health Policy, for the American Benefits Council. She presented background on the health care policy stances of each presidential candidate, while offering predictions for the future of healthcare, and how employers will be impacted. Spangler noted that while major changes to the Affordable Care Act are unlikely regardless of who wins in November, under Clinton we could see the return of the public option, a government funded insurance plan. “Secretary Clinton would pursue efforts on a public option, but it is unlikely she would have support in the Senate,” said Spangler. “She would look at state innovation waivers as a way to encourage states to offer the public  option.”