Huge Identity Theft Conviction

By US Daily Review Staff.

Native Asian Indian Amar Singh, the ring leader of the most successful identity theft and credit card scam crime rings in the history of the United States, was sentenced yesterday by the US Supreme Court. As the result of a successfully negotiated plea agreement between criminal attorney Arkady Bukh and District Attorney Brown, a trial was avoided.

Last month Singh confessed in court to masterminding a plan that, when executed, managed to filch nearly $13 million in just two months using forged credit cards. The scam essentially created new credit cards using stolen credit card account information.

33 year old Singh pled guilty to identity theft and enterprise corruption charges as part of a plea deal. 110 other participants, including Amar Singh’s wife and personal assistant Neha Punjani-Singh, were apprehended in October of 2011 as part of a massive sting operation that shut down five interconnected crime rings.

Food service workers, store clerks, retail staff and even bank tellers were involved in the organized crime network on various levels. Shoppers allegedly splurged on private jet rentals, tickets for travel, 5-star vacations, couture clothing and accessories, and nationwide shopping sprees for top of the line electronics that would later be fenced.

For Singh’s part in the crime ring, Queens Supreme Court Justice Richard Buchter accepted a plea agreement that sentenced the second round felon to 5 1/3 to 10 2/3 years behind bars. Had Amar Singh’s legal team not negotiated a plea agreement, he could have been sentenced to 250 years in prison for multiple white collar crimes.

Before sentencing Singh, District Attorney Brown closed with, “This is by far the largest – and certainly among the most sophisticated – identity theft/credit card fraud cases that law enforcement has come across.” Police Commissioner Kelly added that, “These weren’t holdups at gunpoint, but the impact on victims was the same. They were robbed.” The judge seemed to agree, as he pointed out that the prison sentence was well deserved.

As part of the plea deal, the 30 year old wife of Amar Singh was given a conditional discharge, which is tantamount to probation.

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