HughesNet Internet: A Blessing for Rural Dwellers

Hunting down internet providers in your area isn’t a big deal. You just enter the Zip Code and all the service providers come right in front of you. The challenging part is when you have to select the best one out of several. If you are living in an urban area, you might not find it difficult to catch the best internet plan. From Spectrum to Mediacom, and Cox to Optimum, every service provider is offering the best on their part.

However, if you are one of those rural dwellers where infrastructure is not as upgraded as in the urban areas, the hunt for the best one gets even tougher. The reason is that cable, fiber, and DSL internet are not available in these areas due to a lack of cable and wires. All you have to trust is a few satellite internet providers offering speed not very ideal but still does the job of browsing, socializing, and somewhat video buffering.

Whether you are searching for a satellite provider for the first time or thinking to switch the existing one, make sure to read the article until the end. We will review HughesNet shortly, in which we will discuss some salient features that would help you to choose. Let’s get started.

Overview HughesNet

When it comes to satellite internet, most people may not even know the name of the providers. But for people living in rural areas of the United States might be familiar with HughesNet as it is the top satellite internet provider in the areas where cable, fiber, and DSL internet are not found.

HughesNet offers a speed of 25Mbps on all of its plans and a 3Mbps upload speed. You might be surprised to see so much likeliness in all of its plans. Yes, that is true all of the HughesNet internet plans offer a download speed of up to 25Mbps. To top the cake with icing, another interesting and disappointing thing about it is that you will get a limited data cap starting from 10GB to 30GB.

A huge disappointment for you if you have been involved in heavy internet usage like torrenting, streaming, downloading, and gaming. In addition, if you wish to have a smart home in the future, just put the idea behind and carry on with normal browsing, watching videos on YouTube, emailing, and socializing.

However, for rural areas, the download and upload speeds are not less than a blessing. To your surprise, HughesNet is available in more than 33,000 zip codes across the United States including areas like Alaska, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Michigan, New Jersey, South Dakota, Kansas, Missouri, Georgia, Washington, Maine, and many more.

Satellite internet is not as rewarding as any other internet like DSL, cable, or fiber. You have to sacrifice a lot to get limited data and download speed. That being said, you need to sign a 24-month contract with HughesNet, which might result in a hefty fee if you cancel before the contract ends. Not a big deal for those who wish to live permanently in rural areas, but a huge disappointment for those who wish to move shortly.

HughesNet pricing plans are higher than any DSL or cable provider. For instance, the base plan offers you 25Mbps download speed for $59.99 per month with only 10GB data limits. For $69.99 per month, you will be getting a 20Gb internet plan, while other things remain the same. The same is the case with the third plan offering 25Mbps speed at $99.99 per month. All you get is 10Gb more than the previous plan i.e. 30GB data.

There is one good news for you that HughesNet satellite internet provides a 50GB additional data plan during the bonus zone. However, you need to use these data plans during nonpeak hours from 2 am to 8 am.

If you wish to stream videos, make sure to stream them in SD (standard definition). If you are a huge streaming fan, here’s how many videos you can stream per month.

Data Hours
10GB 15 Hours per month
20GB 30 hours per month
30GB 45 hours per month
50Gb 72 hours per month

It is neither bad nor good – at least you could watch something on Netflix and other streaming platforms.

For further queries, order placement, or assistance, you can contact Hughesnet servicio al cliente en español.

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