If Your Spouse Was Sexting Someone Else, Would it be Over for You?

By Good in Bed Survey, Special for USDR.

What would you do if your partner pulled an Anthony Wiener and texted photos of his private parts to the world? Would you send him packing or make like his wife, Huma, and stay in it with him for the long haul?

According to a new survey conducted by Good in Bed — along with Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines — only 1 in 5 would leave their partner if they discovered that he or she was sexting with somebody else. In fact, a third of the nearly 5000 respondents would not even confront their partner about it.

The findings are part of a new study, made possible by the support of Pure Romance, which looks at a variety of different sex and relationship scenarios and asks participants, What Would You Do?  “We frequently hear or read about the sexcapades of celebrities, politicians and newsmakers,” said Ian Kerner, PhD and founder of Good in Bed.  “With this survey, we wanted to get a sense of how the average person would respond when faced with their own fun, adventurous or sometimes anxiety-provoking relationship situations.”

Following are examples of the scenarios that participants were asked What Would You Do…?

Your boss sends you inappropriate sexual text messages:

  • Majority of participants (45%) would send a message back to their boss saying it is inappropriate, while 35 percent would either go directly to human resources to report it or ignore it completely.

You’re in a relationship, but recently had a one-night stand:

  • 30% said they would tell their partner right away, but the same number thought they would keep it a secret.

Your partner is friends with his/her ex on Facebook:

  • 56% say this isn’t a threat, but a significant number (17%) would ask their partner to de-friend that person and 36% would ask them why they are friends with their ex on Facebook.

You find out your partner snooped through your personal messages (e.g., text messages, emails, Facebook, etc):

  • More than half of the sample (56%) would want to get to the root of why their partner was snooping, but a large minority (41%) expressed genuine concern for their partner’s distrust, and would reassure their partner that they have nothing to worry about.

You find out you have HPV but don’t have any symptoms:

  • 68 percent said they would disclose this information to their sexual partner(s).

You start dating someone and they tell you they’re bisexual:

  • An equal number of participants (35%) indicated they would be okay with it and that it would be a deal breaker.

Your partner gives you a sex toy as a gift:

  • 70 percent would accept it and integrate it into their sex life.

Your partner wants you to watch porn:

  • 72% of respondents expressed that they would be happy watching porn with their partner because they believe it spices up a relationship.

Your partner asks you to swing with another couple:

  • Nearly one third of respondents (30%) said they would think about it.

“These results help us keep our finger on the pulse of people and their attitudes toward sex and relationships, both in and out of the bedroom. This gives us great insight into what our customers want, and helps guide our product development,” said Chris Cicchinelli, CEO of Pure Romance.

This study, the latest in a series of Good In Bed surveys, was conducted in collaboration with Kristen Mark, PhD, Assistant Professor at University of Kentucky and Survey Director for Good in Bed, to further understand people’s attitudes towards sex and relationships. A nationwide sample of 5000 U.S. adults — including single and married men and women between the ages 18-70 — responded to the survey.


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