Immigration Reform from a Personal Perspective

By Tolessa Gurmessa 

While U.S. lawmakers are considering comprehensive immigration reform, it is worth learning from past experiences of the legal immigration system. In Bad Sponsors: My Immigration Experience,Tolessa Gurmessa writes about his mulling over the idea of financing his travel to the United States through sham marriage. Even though he avoided this illegal route, his sponsors did exactly what he heard and dismissed when he won the diversity visa lottery. He was abandoned and left with no funds in a suburb of Washington DC, and he saw his career plan crumble. Overall, he fared well, thanks to the welcoming culture of America.

Tolessa Gurmessa enjoys life in the free world. He graduated from Jimma University (Ethiopia) with a Doctor of Medicine degree. He moved to the United States in 2003 after winning the diversity visa lottery (also known as green card lottery). You will be surprised to read about the business scheme associated with this visa.

“This was not a new idea; many Ethiopians who immigrated to the United States might have already done it,” writes Tolessa when he was rationalizing the idea of marriage for green card.

Tolessa shares his firsthand perspective on the reasons why many immigrants who come to the United States choose to stay despite the obstacles they face. He also shares his opinions on the effects of War on Terror on poverty stricken Horn of Africa. “Bad Sponsors” will shed light on the legal immigration which is often overshadowed by the discussions about illegal immigration.

About the Author: Tolessa has been living in the United States for the last ten years and currently a naturalized citizen. He is very passionate about freedom and liberty. He is also a strong proponent of science and making the world a better for everybody.

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