Improving Brain Function in Students

By Amen Clinics, Inc., Special for  USDR

Brain Thrive by 25 is a revolutionary course designed to change the lives of teenagers and young adults all over the world. Based on the latest brain research by Daniel G. Amen, MD and Jesse Payne, Ed.D., it was created with one goal in mind, to help pre-teens, teens and young adults have better brains and better  lives.

Multi-Dimensional Education, Inc., (MDEI) an independent education research group, studied the effects of Brain Thrive by 25 at 16 sites on over 330 students.  They found that the 12-lesson/12-lab course significantly decreased drug, alcohol and tobacco use, and decreased depression, while it improved self-esteem measures in students where the course was fully implemented compared to schools where implementation was low or non-existent.  Utilizing a multi-dimensional approach to assessing the outcomes associated with the implementation of Brain Thrive by 25, this study supports the Brain Thrive by 25 positive impact on brain function and schools seeking to help students succeed  academically.

The Brain Thrive by 25 Course is a practical brain science course and curriculum which was created to change the way teenagers and young adults learn about, protect, and care for their brain.  The course is meant to be adaptable and flexible to fit within a wide variety of educational environments and settings.  The goal of the course is to increase student achievement and graduation rates by teaching students (teenagers and young adults) about the importance of brain function and how it relates to everyday living, loving, learning, joy, success, academics, career, and  life.

For the first time Brain Thrive by 25 is available online for both high school and college students, who have the option of earning 3 college credits from Corban  University.

According to Dr. Doug Grove, President of MDEI, “After spending a year organizing and implementing the study, and weeks of analysis, the results strongly supported that unlike many interventions we have evaluated, Brain Thrive by 25 was literally making a difference in developing better minds of the students who took part in the  intervention.”

Dr. Daniel Amen is a double board-certified psychiatrist, 10-time New York Times bestselling author, and Founder of Amen Clinics. Sharecare named him the internet’s most influential expert and advocate on mental  health.

Dr. Jesse Payne has worked within the fields of psychology, psychiatry, and education for over 15 years in the following capacities: 3rd grade teacher, 4th grade teacher, non-directive play therapy administrator, after-school program coordinator, summer camp director, high school teacher, university professor, student teacher supervisor, curriculum writer, program developer, and clinical historian. Dr. Payne has worked with Dr. Amen and the Amen Clinics since 2003, developing curriculum and programs related to the developing  brain.

SOURCE Amen Clinics,  Inc.

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