In the Land of Ancient Gods – Yacht Charter in Greece

Croatia has become an unquestionable paradise for sailors for several years – every season many tourists plan to charter yachts there. However, if you’re thinking about another picturesque place where it won’t be so crowded – choose Greece. On you will find tested yachts that you can charter in Greece.

Ionian Sea 

For sailing enthusiasts taking their first steps, the ideal area is the peaceful Ionian Sea. The islands located on the west coast of Greece are a very pleasant area of sheltered bays and calm waters where strong winds rarely blow. The area is full of safe anchorages available for yachts, both large and small.

The Ionian Islands include seven main islands: Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Paksos, Corfu, Kithira, Ithaca and Lefkada. The latter is an ideal starting point for a yacht charter in the Ionian Sea. In Lefkas (the same name as the island) there is a large base of major charter companies. The island itself offers tourists plenty of wide and picturesque beaches and is also a center of cultural life and trade in the Ionian Sea. In the summer, there are large festivals that lure visitors from the country and abroad.

Aegean sea

The Greek islands in the Aegean Sea are a dream holiday destination for open sea fans. Every day a new island, every day a different, charming bay, villages with picturesque harbors and almost unlimited Yacht Charter possibilities. One of the largest archipelagos in Greece and the perfect place for active Yacht Charter enthusiasts is the Cyclades.

However, in order to consciously choose the right character for your sailing abilities, you should know that the area of the Cyclades is much windier – here the seasonal Meltemi blows on a scale from 4 to even 8 degrees Beaufort. Additionally, the distances between the islands are greater than in the Ionian Sea. Under these conditions, a minimum of sailing experience is therefore required.

A couple of tips where and when it is the best time to sail in Greece 

The sailing season in Greece lasts from April to the end of October, but during the off- peak tourist season, which is in November, you can also sail and enjoy the good weather. 

From April to mid-July, weather conditions in the Aegean Sea region are usually calm and favourable for sailing. Due to the peak of the Meltemi wind that occurs in these areas from the end of July to August, it’s best not to plan sailing in the Aegean then, if you’re counting on a calm, relaxing  sailing experience without rocking or leaning. For such relaxation, it’s better to choose a quieter Ionian Sea area and the picturesque Ionian Islets.

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Sailing in Greece can be an amazing adventure for both beginners and experienced sailors. Good sailing conditions, breathtaking landscapes, friendly culture and ancient history are main reasons why it’s worth trying to charter a yacht in Greece. If you’re looking for an unusual way of spending free time with your friends, it’ll be a perfect idea for you. Take a chance and charter yacht via search engine online and enjoy your time on the sea.

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