Industrial Ingenuity: Six Extraordinary Advances in The Fastest Growing Industries

By Dixie Somers, Special for  USDR

An excellent reason to keep up with recent industrial innovations is to avoid being blindsided by change. Change is the only constant, and we need to stay on top of important developments. The following are some of the most industry-changing advances that have taken place  recently.

Construction Cleanup  Changes

Post-construction cleaning is the final stage of new home construction. This is an innovative service that provides trustworthy workers who remove sawdust, clean windows and appliances, and mop kitchens and bathrooms. Reliable professionals are on call to scour, polish, and vacuum. When eagle-eyed post construction cleaning workers finish the job, even a minor flaw such as a burned-out lightbulb gets reported and changed in order to make the home turn-key  ready.

Innovations in  Googling

Snippets are what we all see when searching on the internet. Google, the premier search engine, optimizes searches via a new program called Rich Snippets. To make webpages eligible for Rich Snippets in search results means that structured data regarding products, recipes, reviews, events, and software applications is in the title tags. Once your site’s content is appropriately marked, Google provides a Structured Data Testing Tool to make sure that each searcher is only one click away from discovering your  webpage.

Ceramic Linings For  Plants

Ceramic linings for plants in the power, metal, and coal processing industries face unique challenges. The linings must be tough, resist vibration, and reduce cleanup time. This frees efforts for mechanical maintenance, which guarantees money saved because equipment life extends 10-15 times over non-lined equipment. The new best practice of ceramic lining is now standard in the coal processing  industry.

Large OD ceramic-lined pipes withstand high wear while carrying base petroleum products used to produce rubber and urethanes, and they are replaced more rapidly when they do wear  out.

Digital  Nomads

On the cutting edge of digital freedom is Natalie Sisson, the Suitcase Entrepreneur. Working from her laptop, Sisson manages her six-figure online business as she savors exotic locales worldwide. For those intrigued by the mobile career she exemplifies and supports, she offers coaching, products, blog, podcast, and a lifestyle video  series.

The New Media Europe Conference attracts podcasters, bloggers, social media visionaries, and content creators who will learn the most effective use of media tools, such as podcasting, blogging, and social media, to make their endeavors stand out from the  crowd.

Change is a positive thing if we are ready to absorb new facts and face the challenges. These examples demonstrate fast-growing industries and the people whose methods grow along with  them.

Informational Credit to Ceramic Technology  Inc.

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