Interview with an American Taxpayer

By Kevin Price, Publisher and Editor in Chief of  USDR

Recently I sat down with Doug Williamson, author of the powerful political book Thoughts of an American Taxpayer.  The book provides a powerful case against a government that has clearly grown out of control  During a conversation, we discussed why he wrote the book and why it matters to readers  today.

Doug, discuss your background and experience and what motivated you to write a book such as  this?

I grew up in a small town in Southeast Missouri, graduated from college with an accounting degree & moved to Houston to start my CPA career!  Never really interested in politics until the 2008 election.  When BHO was elected president mostly due to a worthless media & corrupt politicians I decided it was time to get involved & help save this country!  Trust me when I tell you I was not a McCain fan either! Our great country has lost its way mostly due to professional politicians. Most of the politicians care only about getting elected and could care less about the American people that voted them in office and why not since they get a big salary, free everything, big pension and all they do is run up a large debt. Any politician that has contributed to this $18 trillion debt should be fired and put in prison. I do not understand why this is allowed. The morons want to send one of our biggest enemies (Iran) $150 billion and put it on our tab. They have no clue on what is happening at ground level and are on the verge of being tried for treason in my opinion. I believe it is time to send them all home without any further pay, pension or anything  else.

You have been interested in politics and what is going on in your country for a long time, what motivated you to write this book when you  did?

Our once trusted politicians have become so corrupt & inept that they have lost their way & have become traitors to the American taxpayers & citizens! The 11/5/2008 election was the final straw for me on how bad things were in this once great country. Everyone has to forget about Democrat and Republican and concentrate on what is good for our country. Both parties have lost sight of what is right and wrong. They want us to talk about gays, abortion, thugs, politics instead of Fast and Furious, Benghazi, EPA, IRS, etc. We have regular welfare and government welfare that has to stop. We now have more people in the wheel barrow than pushing it. America is a very giving country, but a lot of our government programs are broken and need to be fixed. We have an out of control federal government that needs to be shut down. I wrote the original book to help get the word out to all Americans since the Chavez/Obama media (Phrase I use in the book) are just like the politicians and no longer care about the American people and this great country. Most of the media just want to play the game and are too ignorant to know the damage they are  doing.

Your book considers many major problems, which do you consider the three biggest challenges facing the  nation?

Chavez/Obama media, tyrannical federal government & the debt our corrupt politicians have put on us and future generations! The Chavez/Obama media have to start telling the truth and find out what happened in Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, the out of control EPA, the tyrannical federal government, the inept supreme court, etc. Our media will spend two weeks on crap that does not mean anything to most Americans, but will not investigate cases and the stories I mentioned above since they have become part of the problem and become so political. To this day we know very little about Barack Hussein Obama and the media does not care about how he is destroying our freedom, our lives, the constitution, our economy, etc. The tyrannical federal government no longer serves the American tax payers that work so hard to make this country great and some even send more than 50% of their income to them without anything in return. What does the federal government do for the hard working taxpayers of this country other than redistribute income from them to inept/corrupt politicians and scumbags so they can stay in office forever? The debt is over $18 trillion dollars today and rising quickly, but nobody in DC seem to be concerned. Maybe they will when they no longer get paid, have a pension, or any of their other benefits since they have contributed none of their money to these programs. Why do we have to pay all their damn bills and make contributions to their retirement plans while they are destroying everything around  us?

When you look at the political landscape of 2016 and the presidential candidates, who do you think offers the greatest abilities to address the problems we  face?

If we have a 2016 election I believe the ticket should include a person in business & a politician ready to save the country!  I agree with Mr. Mark Levin and think the country should follow Article 5 of the constitution where there is a convention of the states. Like a lot of people in this country I am growing tired and fed up with a broken voting system. The worthless DemoRats feel like no one should show a photo identification to vote, but if they want to buy alcohol, catch a plane, make large purchases, etc. it has to be shown. We have some good people running for office, but what difference can anyone of them make in the political machine in DC? I like Senator Ted Cruz, Governor Scott Walker, Dr. Ben Carson, Senator Rand Paul and to a certain extent Mr. Donald Trump because he is a business man and not a politician. The professional politicians seem to get caught up in the good life in DC paid for by the hard working American Taxpayers. Although I like these people I think the only way to fix this country is to have a Convention of the States by our Governors under Article 5 of the constitution. I do not believe we need another Bush in the White house since his brother George let Barack Hussein Obama slap him around for the past eight years and did not stand up for the country or  himself.

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