Intuition is Changing the Workplace

By Marti Spiegelman, Special for  USDR

Marti Spiegelman, a San Francisco-based business consultant and intuition expert, is one of several thought leaders profiled in the film InnSaei: The Power of Intuition, a new 78-minute documentary that can be streamed through  Netflix.

Innsaei refers to an Icelandic concept that enables humans to connect with each other using empathy and intuition. The film was made by two Icelanders, Kristin Olafsdottir and Hrund Gunnsteinsdottir and had its premiere in London in January 2016. It has also been screened in Reykjavik, Berlin, New York City, Los Angeles, and San  Diego.

Two years ago, the film crew spent three days talking with Spiegelman about intuition on her seven-acre forested property near San Francisco. “Intuition is the word we use to describe our capacity to know things … out of the blue. It’s powerful yet most people pass it off as not real. But it is how we know and create absolutely everything,” she says. “Every human being has it. It isn’t dependent on language or  logic.”

The film is already bringing new clients to Spiegelman. For example, an international corporation has asked her to assist them in improving its corporate culture after its executives saw the movie, and a U.S. consultancy has asked for help designing new kinds of benefits they can provide their  clients.

“People are beginning to understand that company culture is a matter of human consciousness,” Spiegelman observes. “The film talks about human relationships and how what we know and feel about other people affects the bottom line. If we were to go into a group at any company and just teach them the difference between their own feelings and how they experience another person they would naturally shift how they work with one another. Instead of being against each other, they would start to resonate with each other, to be efficient, to be creative and supportive. Profits are made in this kind of  environment.”

About Marti  Spiegelman

Marti Spiegelman is the founder of Awakening Value: Technologies of Consciousness and the Conscious CxO Executive Training, and was a professor at En*theos Academy for Optimal Living. She has an MFA from the Yale School of Art & Architecture and ran her own design firm for 20 years before changing careers and serendipitously receiving training from indigenous cultural  leaders.

SOURCE Marti  Spiegelman

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