Is California Leading in the “Dumbing of America”?


Emmy Award winning Full Disclosure Network(R) presents anew online video entitled “Does Illiteracy Threaten California’s Future?” featuring International Security Expert Alex Alexievwho points to government statistics demonstrating a dramatic erosion of literacy in the United States.  He says a “mass population transfer after Ronald Reagan’s amnesty program was responsible and continues to this day.”  Watch video here

Declining Literacy Threatens US Political System?

Alexiev maintains population transfers from non-English speaking countries are a threat to the two-party system in the United States.   Also featured in the video is former U.C. Regent Stanley Sheinbaum who appeared in a 2010 interview on Full Disclosure Network(R) discussing the importance of election and campaign coverage by independent media saying that “if our voting system is to work properly, the voters have to be informed and educated so they know how to vote.”  Alexiev fears that additional amnesty programs will generate more mass population transfers, granting citizenship to people who do not read or write in their own language.

Debate: Will Senate Bill 744 Generate Another Mass Population Transfer?
Supporters of the proposed “Immigration Reform” legislation S.744 authored by Rep. Charles Schumer (D-CA) maintain the bill will not result in a blanket “amnesty.”  Opponents predict that providing citizenship to those who cannot read nor write in their own languages will result in voters who will be unable determine the consequences of their votes.   Included in the online video is a 2007 Full Disclosure(R) interview with first-time voters who recently passed their citizenship tests in Spanish under the new rules.  The new voters explained, through an interpreter, how they decided to cast their votes.

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