Is Ray Rice Good For Business or Is He Just Damaged Goods?

By Michelle Seiler-Tucker, Special for USDR

Rice is now eligible to sign with any NFL team. On Friday the NFL reinstated him after he won an appeal of an indefinite suspension by the league. We knew we would win his appeal, because the NFL did not adhere to their policies. Double jeopardy-styled legal situations are a big no-no in the US judicial system.

In recent interview, Ray Rice spoke openly about the domestic violence incident. He had received lots of additional critics following that first public speech he made to the masses back in February, where he said everything except an apology to his wife, while she said sorry for him instead. In retrospect both were under legal situations and nerves. I get that, and Rice has stated that he takes full responsibility for his actions. Ultimately, the man is hoping that both the league and the general public will give him a second chance. The couple keeps stressing that the domestic violence incident that was caught on video in an elevator back in September was an isolated incident, which I find very hard to believe. However, the significant amount of national attention they have gotten in regards to their relationship abuse has also had a positive effect in that it helped raise awareness on this serious issue—not just for the sake of their own lives—but for the helping the hundreds of thousands (maybe even millions) around the world who have or have had to experience some form of domestic abuse.

A recent public poll indicts that more people think Rice should not be reinstated in comparison to the numbers of those who do, but the difference is actually not that much. Back in February when Rice destroyed his personal brand and image, I assumed he’d also thrown his career away the day he threw a punch that knocked out his then fiance, Janay. I may be wrong, but as the leading authority on buying, selling, and fixing businesses I initially thought that the legacy he had worked so hard to build was beyond repair and that he would have to find a new career. Now though, there are at least two to four NFL teams who have expressed an interest in signing Ray Rice. Two of the teams are not listed and the other two of those teams are the Colts and Saints. The last time I saw those two team names together they were playing each other at the Super Bowl game the year it took place in New Orleans. As a native of the Crescent City, the idea that Ray Rice may possibly end up playing for the Saints, I have to admit that I would be okay with it. He produced four straight 1,000-yard rushing seasons before running for 660 yards and averaging a career-low 3.1 yards per carry in 2013. In other words, the guy is a really good player. Also, he has expressed remorse and is working on repairing the damage he has inflicted upon his family. People deserve second chances. His actions were unacceptable, but that does not necessarily mean that he is a horrible person. If he does get to play another football game, and if it just so happened to be in New Orleans with the Saints I would still be a fan of the team, just not a fan of his. Nevertheless, the NFL is a business, and so the business owners of these interested teams must decide if their own image and brand would potentially benefit or suffer from the acquisition of taking on Ray Rice.

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