ISPs: Obama’s ‘Onerous and Possibly Conflicting’ Internet Regs ‘Will Be Especially Ruinous’


President Obama Holds A News Conference At The White House

Internet Services Providers (ISPs) are denouncing Pres. Obama’s plan to have the FCC turn the Internet into a utility under Title II of an arcane 1934 communications law passed when rotary phones were cutting-edge technology. In its comments to the FCC on Obama’s “Net Neutrality” plan, the 800-member Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA) says that Title II is irrelevant to broadband:

“Title II includes a host of arcane provisions that have nothing to do with broadband service, including rules regarding interlocking directorates, valuation of carrier property, uniform systems of accounts and depreciation charts, telephone operator service, Bell Operating Company entry into interLATA services, manufacturing of telecommunication equipment and customer premises equipment, and electronic publishing.”

The V.P. and FCC Committee Chair of WISPA, tells MRCTVthat Obama’s plan to regulate the internet would devastate small businesses and deprive rural areas of broadband access: “From the perspective of WISPA and its members,Title II regulation of the internet would put an undue and unnecessary burden on small businesses that are currently providing broadband internet to rural Americans.”

“The potential for onerous and possibly conflicting state common carrier regulations will be especially ruinous for small broadband providers and severely diminish investment and innovations in broadband service in rural areas.” “WISPA also reiterates its position, supported by many other commenters, that Title II would be an improper and onerous regulatory device for open Internet rules.”

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