It Took “Locker Room” Talk to Finish Trump Off

Media Wrap Up

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So the votes are far from in, but it is becoming increasing clear that Trump is going to be history rather than make history.  His endorsement of Hillary Clinton just two election cycles ago, his funding of the Clinton Foundation at the tune of $100,000, and his advocacy for a single payer healthcare system (socialized medicine) was not enough.  It took “locker room” talk to make the Donald a politically dead man walking.  Why this is surprising to anyone is beyond this news site’s ability to understand.  This is a man who has collected ex-wives like most collect  cars.  He has begun romantic relationship before ending the one he was in on more than one occasion.  But now, we are told he is history.  Time will tell, but this is how the media is treating the latest revelations about Trump’s treatment and view of women.

FOX News


Access Hollywood

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