Japanese Automakers Created 1.5 Million Jobs in US


Japanese-brand automobile companies’ production facilities, R&D centers and dealer networks support an estimated 1.52 million private sector U.S. jobs, an 11.5 percent increase relative to the previous year’s estimate, according to 2014 data analyzed by Rutgers University Economics Professor Thomas J. Prusa, PhD. The report released by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) USA this week highlights the robust growth in the estimated total jobs generated by the Japanese-brand automakers’ U.S. operations in 2014, with direct employment at U.S. production facilities, R&D/design centers, headquarters and dealer networks as well as intermediate and spin-off jobs all showing significant increases over the previous  year.

“The Japanese-brand automotive companies are among the largest job creators in the United  States”

“The Japanese-brand automotive companies are among the largest job creators in the United States,” said the study’s author, Dr. Thomas J. Prusa. “Today, more than 1.52 million American jobs are rooted either directly or indirectly in the Japanese-brand automotive companies’ U.S. operations. With an 11.5 percent increase over last year’s estimate, the impressive growth of U.S.-based employment over the last year is even more  notable.”

“The strong figures in the latest employment report affirm that the Japanese-brand automotive industry is more important than ever to U.S. jobs and economic growth,” said Ron Bookbinder, General Director of JAMA USA. “Each year, JAMA member companies’ economic contributions continue to grow, and the significant employment increase in 2014 reflects Japanese automakers’ ongoing commitment to investing in America. Specifically, Japanese automakers are contributing to a record number 1.52 million American jobs and demonstrating their continued dedication to building state-of-the-art vehicles in the United  States.”

Key Findings of the  Study:

  • Today, an estimated 1.52 million U.S. jobs are tied to Japanese-brand automakers. Half of these jobs are generated by Japanese automakers’ direct employment and the other half by their dealer network employment.
  • Total employment linked to the Japanese-brand automakers increased by more than 157,000 jobs in 2014, an 11.5 percent increase relative to last year’s estimate.
  • Total annual compensation from jobs created by Japanese-brand automobile companies in the U.S. exceeds $100 billion, a 23.9 percent increase relative to last year’s estimate.
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