Jewish Group Weighs in On Major Events in Egypt

Filed by Jeremy Morris, Associate Editor, USDR.

After the Egyptian military confirmed that President Morsi was ousted from office, AJC Executive Director David Harris issued the following statement;

“The dramatic events unfolding in Egypt offer an opportunity to reset a political course that had gone badly astray for many Egyptians.  We believe the Egyptian people can achieve, as they so richly deserve, a politically stable and economically viable country. Indeed, we hope that Egypt will one day become a beacon of freedom and prosperity.
“The period since the overthrow of President Mubarak has been fraught with difficult challenges, as Egyptians have struggled to develop a new style of governance.
“As Egypt continues its dramatic political evolution, we earnestly hope the country will remain peaceful. We look forward to a continued strong relationship between Egypt and the United States, and an ongoing commitment by Egypt to the peace treaty withIsrael and security along their shared border. That treaty is in the highest interests of both nations and serves as an anchor of stability in the region.
“The Egyptian people deserve a president and government committed to respecting human rights, women’s rights, and minority rights, and that offers the prospect of growing opportunity for the country’s youth.
“AJC has visited Egypt annually, if not more often, for more than three decades, and maintains widespread contact with civil society and political figures. We look forward to our continuing engagement with the Arab world’s most populous country.”

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