Landscape Your Home for Greater Security

By Haley Granton, Special for USDR.

Many homeowners are using various landscaping tips to improve their home’s security. Most homeowners are surprised to learn that there are plenty of landscaping ideas that will deter burglars and thieves. With the current crime rate, home security is essential.

Aside from adding security cameras, a lot of security can be added through hedges, fencing and trees; it’s all about what to use and where to put it. Homeowners who’ve used landscaping to improve home security enjoy the fact that using landscaping to improve security is quite cheap, and getting everything setup doesn’t require homeowners to be skilled with electronics.

Install Lighting

According to Minneapolis Home Security specialists, LifeShield, lighting is a powerful tool that homeowners have at their disposal. Adding landscaping lighting is quite cheap, and it adds an extra layer of security. The lighting works well because it deters burglars from breaking into a home during the night.

It’s a good idea to add lighting near the garage, back door and side gate. It’s important to add lighting to any areas of a property that are too dark. Aside from improving security, lighting will also make property navigation easier.

Check Trees

To improve home security through landscaping, trees work great. However, it’s the locations and types of trees that matter the most. Using landscaping to improve home security is not simply blocking access to the home with trees and shrubs; it also involves checking to see if existing trees and landscaping might actually help a burglar break in.

Homeowners should ensure there are no trees that would provide a burglar with access to an upstairs window. If a tree is too close to a home and could aid a burglar, it should be removed. Rather than simply removing and discarding them, some homeowners prefer to move troublesome trees.

Hedges and Bushes

An excellent idea is to use bushes to make windows less accessible. Many homeowners prefer a shrubbery like column-style bushes that are very tall. It’s also a great idea to place hedges that are as tall as your home’s windows, which will block access to the windows.

Another idea is to grow rose bushes or other bushes that have thorns, and these bushes can be grown next to your home, which will help block access to the windows. Another aspect of smart landscaping is fencing. Homeowners can install fencing to improve both the appearance and security of their home. Once implemented, all of these landscaping tips will greatly enhance home security.

Lastly, another benefit of obtaining home security is that it will give you a better insurance quote. For those who are familiar with home insurance, this probably goes without saying. Since taking home security measures essentially reduces insurance risks a great deal, the coverage will naturally cost less. Thus, it’s a win win situation for most. If you haven’t looked into home or renters insurance yet, it certainly can’t hurt to get an AARP home insurance quote online. The process is quick and painless, especially if your home is equipped with security.

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