Laser Hair Removal Advantages

Unwanted hair is inevitable in the human body. This is why there are various hair removal methods, like laser treatment, threading, waxing, shaving, and tweezing. The method used is mostly dependent on the preference of the client. However, laser hair removal treatment is arguably the most effective because of the following advantages.

  1. Speed

Approximately, the laser treats a quarter of the targeted area every second. In a fraction of a second, the pulse targets several hairs simultaneously. For example, smaller areas that require hair removal like the upper lip will be treated within a minute, while larger areas such as the arms may take up to an hour.

  1. Precision

Laser treatment targets explicitly pigmented sections of the skin like the hair cells and not the surrounding skin. Hence, only the hair follicle is burned while the surrounding skin remains undamaged. Additionally, hair removal works while hair is growing at its initial phase, the anagen stage, preventing any further growth. Laser treatment uses intense pulsed light (IPL), making it more suitable for individuals with a darker skin tone. The high levels of precision also mean that it will also require less time for the treatment to be successful.

  1. Reduced side effects

When side effects occur like pain, they tend to last for only a short period. The degree of discomfort varies from one individual to another due to varying pain tolerance levels. Compared to waxing as a hair removal method in general, laser hair removal is less painful. Moreover, the degree of pain is dependent on the area of treatment because some regions are more sensitive than other areas on the body. Nonetheless, the majority of clients agree that hair removal using this technique feels like a gentle pinch.

  1. No ingrown hairs

Commonly, ingrown hairs appear in areas that have either undergone waxing or shaving. The cause of ingrown hairs is when hair breaks off unevenly. Laser removal significantly reduces the chance of clients getting ingrown hairs because hair is not cut at any point. Instead, when hair grows after the treatment, it tends to be less and sparse.

  1. There is no need to wait for hair growth

A client doesn’t need to have hair growth in the area of treatment before a session. On the contrary, it is advisable to shave beforehand, preventing scorching of the surface hair. Laser hair treatment focuses on hair follicles and not surface hair. This necessity is contrary to other hair removal techniques, which depend on the availability of surface hair.

  1. Cost friendly

Laser hair removal automatically means that less money will be spent on frequent, costly waxing appointments, razors, or creams for hair removal. It is vital to note that at the beginning, laser hair removal may seem expensive. However, during your life, extra expenses to cater for hair removal will no longer be necessary. Besides saving money, you will save time, which would otherwise be used for shaving or waxing.

  1. Laser treatment improves the skin

Besides burning hair follicles, the intense pulsed light also serves to improve the texture and appearance of your skin. While working on the hair follicles, the laser simultaneously shrinks the size of your skin pores and promotes an even skin tone. In the dermis of your skin, the laser heats the surrounding skin tissue, stimulating collagen production. Collagen is responsible for keeping the skin tight and more even tone.

  1. Predictability

The number of sessions a client may require for complete hair loss is approximately 3 to 8 sessions.

  1. Highly effective

The majority of clients require between 3 to 8 sessions to remove the unwanted hair altogether.

  1. Fast

The design of the laser treatment is such that it targets several hair follicles at the same time. The session will be at least one minute, depending on the area that requires treatment. At the end of the course, there are no sticky residues left behind.

  1. Available for the entire body

Laser treatment is not limited to certain parts of the body because it is tolerable throughout the different areas. However, it is necessary to consult with your doctor to ensure you are suitable for the treatment.

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