Latest Obamacare Runaround Tactic: Printing Enrollment Data In Illegible, 6-Point Font


VIDEO-Rep. Issa detailed HHS’s delay tactics included engaging the Committee in a series of time-consuming negotiations, providing password locked and protected spreadsheets – and even printing documents in six-point font, “something that is not readable even with your reading glasses,” Issa said.
“HHS initially failed to provide any documents to explain how the numbers had been interpreted… Our requests were met with delays, runarounds that bordered on obstruction. After weeks of negotiation, CMS finally provided the enrollment data printed on spreadsheets with – for those who are my age will appreciate thissix-point fontsomething that is not readable even with your reading glasses.”
“All along, there had been an inherent deception. This was quickly discovered, and would have been discovered by anybody,” Issa said.
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