Leading Urologist Challenges Value of Prostate Cancer Test

By Florida Urological Associates, Special for  USDR

Noted urologic surgeon, Bert  Vorstman MD, MS, FAAP, FRACS, FACS today, has issued a stinging report regarding the unreliable PSA test, the mislabelling of the common Gleason 6 prostate disease as a cancer and, the misrepresentation that the radical (robotic) prostatectomy treatment is scientifically proven to be safe and effective. A charade which represents an outrageous and shameful trifecta of  abominations.

Said Dr. Bert Vorstman, “It has been established irrefutably that the very common Gleason 6 prostate “cancer” is a pseudo-­cancer because no man has died from this disease and as well, it lacks several of the molecular biology mechanisms typically found in cancerous behaving cells. Additionally, unlike a usual cancer cell, this cell has a very long doubling-­time at 475 +/­ 56 days so that from mutation to a growth of about 1 cm (under half an inch) in diameter takes some 40 years. Therefore, because the Gleason 6 disease lacks the hallmarks of a cancer, it is not a health-­risk, does not progress to become a health-­risk, does not require detection and, does not require treatment. The Gleason 6 is a bogus  cancer.

Dr. Vorstman continued, “Not only is the Gleason 6 “cancer” bogus but, it has also been established irrefutably, that the robotic radical prostatectomy lacks supporting scientific evidence-­based medicine studies proving safety or effectiveness for treating any prostate cancer. This operation was based simply upon an ancient treatment philosophy which, through unbridled trial and error human medical experimentation, dogma, propaganda, medical bullying and, fear­-mongering went from a conviction based upon tradition and consensus medicine to becoming fully transformed as an ideology into “standard practice”. Even the recent FDA approval of the robotic device for use in the radical prostatectomy was achieved simply by being rubber­-stamped through its corrupt 510(k) process and bypassing any requirements for scientific validation. Shamefully, this ill­-founded radical cancer surgery is undertaken commonly for the noncancerous behaving Gleason 6  disease.”

Said Dr. Vorstman, “That the Gleason 6 has been misrepresented by urologists as a cancer and, the robotic prostatectomy misrepresented as scientifically vetted for being safe and beneficial constitutes an outrageous deception. A deception justified by corrupt urologists and their colluding prostate cancer industry partners who have committed an evil health crime by generating a false prostate cancer crisis involving contrived dangers simply to exploit vulnerable men for endless financial gain. Only the 15% or so of high­-grade prostate cancers are potentially lethal and, only these types of prostate cancer demand detection and treatment but, are often missed in screening as they make little or no  PSA.”

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About Bert Vorstman MD, MS, FAAP, FRACS,  FACS

Dr. Bert Vorstman is a Board Certified urologic surgeon. Born to Dutch parents in Indonesia, he grew up in New Zealand. After training at the Otago Medical School in Dunedin, New Zealand he completed a urology residency at Auckland Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand. He fellowship trained in adult and pediatric reconstructive Urology at the Eastern Virginia Medical School inNorfolk, Virginia and, after NIH sponsored pioneering research on “Urinary Bladder Reinnervation” he earned the honor of a Masters of Surgery Diploma from the University of Otago in 1988. Dr. Vorstman was a faculty member at the University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, Florida and then went on to found Florida Urological Associates, a busy urology practice inCoral Springs, Florida,  USA.

Dr. Vorstman’s passion and dedication is to help men and their spouses/partners understand fully the implications of their particular prostate cancer as well as the minimally invasive treatment options available to certain men with localized, high-­grade prostate  cancer.

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