Learn Expert Ways to Choose the First SEO Keywords


One of the most effective ways of growing business is by focusing on Search Engine Optimization, the process entails making necessary alterations and modifications for boosting a website’s chances of getting higher rankings on the SERP of Google or other such search engines. Keywords are a crucial and integral element of the strategy. If you optimize your website for precise keywords you would enjoy the power to control exactly which searches you are ranking for. So adjusting the keyword distribution accordingly, would be giving you the power and the authority to modify your campaign with  time.

If you wish to have a successful SEO campaign, you need to start by determining the most suitable keywords. With the passage of time, you would be able to collect information that would be assisting you in determining the most successful keywords among all your keywords. You would be able to identify even the ones that need slightly more work and effort. But what is the way of choosing the right first set of  keywords?

Determine & Understand Your  Objectives

Before determining the most suitable keywords for your brand, you must devote some time to clearly chalk out your SEO goals & aspirations. Most businesses would be exploiting SEO for boosting website traffic that would, in turn, boost revenue; however, you must be more precise than  that.

For example, how quickly do you wish to see the results coming? Remember that SEO is a long drawn-out process and is pretty time-consuming. So it may take a number of months before the results are visible. If you wish the results to come more quickly than that you would require selecting higher-volume and lower-competition  keywords.

Are you concentrating your attention on only one precise audience or are you flexible enough? What kinds of traffic are you looking for? Are you hoping that the people would be buying your products or are you currently concentrating on boosting brand awareness? Get in touch with the expert professionals such as SandCrestSEO.com for effective SEO  solutions.

Choose the Perfect Mix of Long-Tail & Head  Keywords

Choose the magical mix of head, as well as, long tail keywords. Once you have a clear-cut idea of your objectives, you should be ready to decide which one would be the right balance between long-tail and head keywords. Head keywords are actually short phrases comprising only one to maximum three words relevant to higher competition and higher traffic. Long-tail keywords actually are relatively longer, generally conversational phrases which have lower competition and lower traffic. Head keywords are best for traffic-oriented long-term strategies while long-tail keywords seem to work out best for fast result-oriented short-term strategies. You would have to work out the magical blend of both for best  results.

Do Preliminary Research  Meticulously

You must meticulously carry out your preliminary research once you are clear about all those objectives and aspirations. You must identify root ideas. You need to determine broad classes of searches and both long-tail and head keywords that could be used for finding  you.

It is a good idea to take the help of keyword and topic generators. You could consider using an effective online tool that would help you by providing more topic and keyword ideas based on your preliminary ideas. Consider using Keyword Explorer tool of Moz as it is effective in coming up with ideas. Moreover, it would be providing relevant statistics on the keywords. You must consider creating a master list. Start exporting all keywords straightaway into a master list or spreadsheet. This is the best way of comparing them and sorting them by different  fields.


Narrowing down the list is essential. You must eliminate the weakest candidates from your master list. Identify your top candidates. This way you could successfully determine your first mix of keywords. Remember the mix may not be perfect the very first time but use it as a robust baseline from where you could go on boosting your traffic. Monitor the results and do not hesitate to make the necessary  changes.

Author Bio: Francis Wilkinson is an SEO expert and consultant attached to a private SEO company. He runs his official blog and offers valuable SEO tips, tricks, and resources such as Sand Crest SEO.com for effective SEO  solutions.

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