Let’s be real…parents!

By April Dye, Contributor for US Daily Review.

Here is one of the problems with schools today…no, I’m not talking about unions or textbooks or anything of that nature, what I’m talking about is parents. (I can say that with all honesty – working at a school and being a parent.)

I love my friends, all of them, so don’t be upset if I say something that hits close to home. I have friends who post on facebook about the frustration with raising children. Like all of us we can find raising children at times challenging. From discipline, repetition of rules, our children’s lack of using their brains sometimes and the non-stop chatter and noise.

Some days I pray for summer, when I can send my children outside to play because their noise and arguing and complaining can…well…be overwhelming.

So I find it a little humorous when these same parents go ballistic when their children are reprimanded for these same behaviors at school.

Nowadays, we don’t send kids to the office to receive corporal punishment and the teachers hands are pretty much tied. No longer are the days of putting a child’s nose in the circle on the chalkboard or having them stand in a corner.

We can’t embarrass them and hurt their little feelings and egos.

Seriously, I can only imagine how many serial killers or manic depressives those mean ole teachers created. How dare they try to control a classroom of 20 talking, whining, griping, arguing, excited, laughing, hyper children.

Do you get it?!

You have maybe 1-4 kids and they drive YOU crazy! You want to scream at them, pull your hair out, locking them in a closet, anything for some peace (not being literal here – just parental fantasies).

Picture yourself in a classroom of 20 or so little children, (all feel like they should be able to talk when they want, say what they want, give their opinion or example or tell their own similar story, or hit when they don’t get their way) all while the teacher is trying to teach a lesson, give instruction or read a book.

Remember that not all of these children are being raised with the same rules or with the same consequences.

So how do teacher’s maintain order so it is not complete chaos (like it sometimes can be at your house)? They have rules – rules about raising hands instead of blurting out whatever comes to 20 kids’ minds, rules for voice levels so that the teacher can be heard and the child who raises their hand and was called on to answer a question, rules about sitting so there aren’t little people running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

I understand it and feel it too. No one likes for their child to be in trouble or get their feelings hurt. But remember they won’t be destroyed or damaged by it. They should learn from it. That is how we all learn. Do your kids get in trouble at home for not following the rules you set…?

I remember talking ( a lot – still do) so one day I got put at the front of the class behind a moveable chalkboard. I was crying and embarrassed. Was I damaged by it? No. Did it change my personality? No. Did it make me timid or afraid? No. But it did teach me that when the teacher is talking – not to. That when it is time to work – I work and don’t distract others from learning by my talking.

Remember kids go to school to learn. They can’t learn much if it is chaotic and loud.

Teachers are your friends. They want the same thing you do. They want your kids to learn and grow. Be their partner, not their foe. Work with them, not against them.

Remember – If you don’t respect the teacher’s authority in the classroom – neither will your children.

April Dye is a Christian wife and mother of two. She loves to hang out with family, read, watch movies and television, and her job. You can follow her on face book at facebook.com/AprilVestalDye and clardye.blogspot.com.

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