Liberty Institute Commends Cy Fair ISD's Commitment To Students' Religious Freedom


Today, Liberty Institute commends Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District (Cy Fair ISD) officials for taking immediate steps to remedy a complaint regarding a Hamilton Elementary School second grader choosing to read her Bible during “Read to Myself” time. In its letter, Cy Fair ISD officials assured Liberty Institute attorneys that the District is committed to religious freedom in its schools. Cy Fair ISD acknowledged that, so long as it meets District guidelines, the Bible is permitted for reading. The letter also states that the school principal will meet with faculty members this week to explain the policy and address any questions about it.

To view a copy of Cy Fair ISD’s letter of response online, please follow this link:

“We are very pleased with how swiftly and positively Cy Fair ISD responded. Clearly, they take these kinds of situations seriously, and we commend them for their commitment to students’ religious freedom,” said Michael Berry, Liberty Institute Senior Counsel. “It would be great if every school district responded as Cy Fair ISD has.”

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