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By Crown Financial Ministries, Special for  USDR

Do you hate your job? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, Gallup polling shows that 7 in 10 people either hate their jobs or are totally unengaged with their work. For those who want the most of out of their career, a new book from author and Crown Financial Ministries President, Robert Dickie IIImay be the answer. Dickie lays out a detailed blueprint in Love Your Work: 4 Practical Ways You Can Pivot To Your Best Career to transform your work from a dead-end job into a fulfilling  career.

This innovative advice and strategic plan to career development is paired with timeless counsel from Scripture. It’s a powerful combination of reputable case studies and  practical advice that will transform your everyday into  extraordinary.

“Work was not designed to be something we loathe and can’t wait to finish,” writes Dickie. “Work is positive, a way to create and add value to the world. It is a redemptive force in society.” In fact, the Bible describes God as the first worker – creating the world – and then the first employer, giving men and women the job of making the most of the world around them. Understanding that we are stewards of all we see can provide meaning and motivation for our  careers.

But to compete in evolving job markets, skills must be continuously refined through strategic changes Dickie calls “Pivots.” These “micro-adjustments” are the difference between surviving market forces and being left behind. Throughout the book, Dickie outlines many practical changes, resources, and educational courses that can put a new shine on old  skills.

But while some things you can and must change, a few things must remain the same – core qualities in all your work that transcend the job itself. “Certain character traits are so valuable to every employer that they represent career insurance – something no worker should be without,” said  Dickie.

Make it your mission to bring the following to every  job:

  • Hustle: an unrelenting work ethic
  • Problem Solving: a commitment to get things done
  • Situational awareness: an ability to understand the big picture thinking and connect the dots
  • Emotional awareness: an understanding and conscientiousness of people
  • Communication: an ability to motivate, influence, recognize and share important stories
  • Lifelong learning: a passion for understanding and growing as a person and professional
  • Character and integrity: a personal commitment to the highest ideals

To learn more about career pivots that can redirect your work, the changing job market that may be frustrating your efforts to succeed, and the kind of attitude you need to thrive, get your copy of Love Your Work  here.

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Robert Dickie III is president of Crown Financial Ministries, the largest Christian financial ministry in the world. The husband and father of six is a retired U.S. Air Force Captain, a well-known speaker and author of The LEAP: Launching your Full-time Career in our Part-time Economy. Follow Crown  @CrownUpdates

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