Major CEO’s Battling Texas Sized Regulations

By PwC, Special for  USDR

The daily drumbeat about US companies and the taxes they pay (or don’t pay) around the world is becoming hard to ignore. Despite this increase in attention to the issue, the public and the media continues to overlook the contributions made by American businesses to the economies where they do business — choosing instead to focus exclusively on the needs of governments to fill their revenue gaps by taxing US headquartered  businesses.

US CEOs who responded to PwC’s most recent annual US CEO Survey clearly agree. The current US tax burden for US multinationals is already very high – the highest among OECD countries – and American companies, unlike those of almost every other developed country in the world, are subject to taxation on their earnings around the globe. But it may come as a surprise that 86 percent of US CEOs said they are concerned about an increasing tax  burden.


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