Making a Visit to the Minnesota State Fair

Kevin Price, Editor in Chief of USDR, recently paid a visit to the Minnesota State Fair.  In a recent article in one of our sister news sites, USA Daily Chronicles, he reflected on how it was a great learning experience on how NOT to go to the  fair.

When I was a kid growing up in the Detroit suburb of Ferndale, Michigan, I always looked forward to the state fair — even thought it symbolically meant that summer was over and school was about to start.  I had not been to a state fair since my teens.  Sure, I’ve been to things similar to them, but not an actual state fair.  That is, until  yesterday.

While visiting family I noticed that Minnesota was enjoying its annual fair and I decided to make a day of it, even though I could not get any buy in by others.  It was just me.  I arrived at around 11 in the morning and left around 8 pm.  I walked around 12 miles, according to my pedometer. I was exhausted, but in a good  way.

This morning I debated writing about it and then saw a great article entitled “A Newbie at the Minnesota State Fair.”  With a title like that, it was certainly going to capture my attention.  I was a newbie yesterday and I was at that actual fair!  I wish I had seen the article a couple of days before because it was full of practical  advice:

“Locals gush about the 80-plus different foods served on sticks, the beauty queens carved in 90-pound blocks of butter, the giant Ferris wheels and the 1,450-pound  swine.

“They urge (or, better yet, compel) you to watch the Llama Costume Contest; to avoid the Kidway, whatever that is; to wear comfortable shoes; to take the SkyGlider chairlift instead of the Skyride because it’s better for photos; and to bring along a trusted  guide.”

I certainly could have used the guide… (READ  MORE)

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