Making Kratom Illegal Will Harm Veterans and Seniors

By American Kratom Association, Washington,  D.C., Special for  USDR

The American Kratom Association (AKA) supports the legal use of kratom by millions of Americans. The Association believes that kratom should not be classified as a Schedule 1 drug by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). In the words of AKA Founder Susan Ash: “Veterans, grandparents, and mature adults in all fields including medical and law enforcement are utilizing this herb safely and responsibly. They now are facing the possibility of becoming felons for simply choosing a natural plant over pharmaceutical  drugs.”

The American Kratom Association disagrees vehemently with the DEA’s proposed action. AKA would embrace an open process where the facts can be presented and explored.  A thorough scientific review and citizen’s testimony may lead to some new regulations.  However, the current DEA intention is NOT the answer and could prove  harmful.

AKA Executive Director Paul Pelosi, Jr. explained: “At this challenging moment, it is important to remember why we started supporting one’s right to kratom.  For me, I recall my conversations with veterans like U.S Army veteran David Dasilma and his personal story about how his life improved when he switched from exorbitantly priced prescription drugs to the natural  leaf.”

Pelosi emphasized: “We Americans who believe in the 10th Amendment are marching and supporting kratom lovers. We have the right to herbal supplements. We pray federal agencies will either leave the leaf alone or work with the public to craft a solution that ensures long term availability of safe, affordable, and effective access to  kratom.”

The AKA worked last week with Members of the US House of Representatives, who circulated a “Dear Colleague” letter that now bears the signatures of 51 Members of Congress.  The full text of the letter is available here: An additional letter may be circulated among members of the U.S.  Senate.

The American Kratom Association and other industry advocates have volunteered considerable time, energy and resources to provide credible scientific data and consumer testimonials to law makers nationally and in over 20 states. AKA board members like Angela Ross make time to educate the public. As she noted: “I am deeply passionate about keeping this plant legal because I am living proof of what it can do. That is why I educate people about this  leaf.”

In light of DEA’s intention, the AKA has encouraged members and concerned citizens to express their opinions regarding the safe and effective use kratom. Association Board Member Robin Graham reminds us: “The AKA has been and will continue to be the voice of strength and reason in this fight for kratom. Making felons of those who drink a cup of tea is not and will never be ok. Prohibition has not worked in the past and will not work in the future. It is time to allow common sense to lead the way, not fear or misguided personal  agendas.”

AKA’s strong and clear voice in support of kratom has been documented so far in nearly 150 news stories  – including coverage in the Washington Post, Newsweek, Huffington Post, National Public Radio and USA Today — because of four grassroots  efforts:

1.    Members and many others initiated marches in Washington and around the country in support of keeping kratom legal for consumer use and medical research.

2.    An outpouring of 130,000 veterans, seniors, disabled individuals and other Americans signed a petition to the White House asking President Obama to stop the DEA from proceeding with a ban on the basis of no regard for science and even less for due process.

3.    More than 6,000 people were enlisted by AKA to participate in a Pain News Network survey detailing their effective uses for kratom.

4.    Thousands AKA members have been e-mailing and calling their Congress members and Senators to intervene and helped get 51 signatures on a bipartisan “Dear Colleague in the House” letter asking the DEA to stop this emergency action.

The AKA is thankful to the public supporting the protest of government action restricting access to kratom.  As AKA board member Paul Kemp likes to say: “I prefer the natural leaf over prescription drugs. Since there is no substantial finding of harm caused by the leaf, I will fight for the freedom to use  kratom.”

The America Kratom Association (AKA), a consumer-based non-profit, is here to set the record straight, giving voice to the suffering and our rights to possess and consume kratom. AKA represents tens of thousands of Americans; each with a unique story to tell about the virtues of kratom and its positive effects on our lives. From Lyme Disease to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and even addiction, kratom can help offer relief.

SOURCE American Kratom Association, Washington,  D.C.

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