Mass Murder in Orlando and More on The Price of Business

By The Price of Business (1110 AM KTEK, Houston, TX is the sister radio program of US Daily Review and is Hosted by USDR Publisher and Managing Editor, Kevin Price).  These are interviews Kevin Price had with his contributors and guests. *Sponsored

Kevin Davidson – Empire Industries LLC, “Property Management”

Samantha Rincon & Kaylyn Elissa – Sundance Memory Care, “Diminished Memory Care”

Charles Alvarez & Christine Hollinden, guest of Charles Alvarez, “Positioning, Process & People”

Amit Kulkarni

Chris Kidd – New Panel on Sports Principles as They Relate to Business

Lee Kaplan – Mass Murder in Orlando

Attorney Chris Corso – The Government’s war on your Liberties

Reggie Gray and Pilkington – The CPAs for ExPats

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