Medical Group Discusses Other “Russia Problem”

By Physicians for Civil Defense, Special for  USDR

In all the recent discussions about Putin and the Russians, Americans need to remember the nature of the real threat from Russia, states Physicians for Civil  Defense.

“This threat has been there since the end of World War II: nuclear warheads delivered by air or space,” states Jane M. Orient, M.D. “Both the extent of the threat and the state of our defenses are  worse.”

The Soviet Union had the most formidable nuclear arsenal on earth, she states, and Putin is continuing to modernize it. Now there is a growing threat from China and an imminent one from Iran. North Korea could soon launch a missile capable of delivering a warhead that could shut down the U.S. electric grid with an electromagnetic pulse (EMP). Rogue states could attack population centers with a suitcase  bomb.

“America has virtually no capacity to protect its people in the event of the ‘unthinkable,'” Dr. Orient states, “not even the most basic knowledge. Instead, people are terrified of tiny doses of  radiation.”

President Trump could take immediate actions that would signal determination to defend our homeland and could save millions of lives. Physicians for Civil Defense  recommends:

  • Education: Social media and government websites could tell people to “drop and cover” if they see a bright flash, and explain how to shelter from radioactive fallout.
  • Harden the electric grid against EMP: The transformers could not be replaced, perhaps for decades.
  • Enable the distribution of expedient safe/not safe radiation monitors: Low-cost technology developed by the Dept. of Defenselanguishes. Protecting the manufacturer from threat of liability would enable rapid private distribution.
  • Deploy fallout monitoring stations on important buildings: This is possible for less than $10,000. The White House and the Trump building in New York would be a good start.
  • Diplomacy: The U.S. should avoid provocative action that could lead to accidental all-out war, as from confrontations with Russian warplanes in Syrian airspace. Open communication with world leaders is essential.
  • Shore up American defenses: Are our air defenses around our capital and major cities better than on 9/11? Israel has an Iron Dome. The U.S. has no serious strategic missile defense of our homeland.

“While Congress and the press are preoccupied with speculation about how Russians might have tried to interfere in an election, the nation remains completely unprotected against an attack from a number of hostile sources,” stated Dr. Orient. “Protecting our country—repairing decades of neglect—should be the President’s first  priority.”

Physicians for Civil Defense distributes information to help to save lives in the event of war or other  disaster.

SOURCE Physicians for Civil  Defense

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