Meet the Nation’s First Smart Community

By Vermaland Properties, Special for  USDR

Bill Gates shocked the world announcing the $80 million purchase of land near the city of Tonopah, Arizona, in order to build the nation’s first high-tech city, Belmont. However, Belmont’s smart neighbor Kuldip Verma, one of the largest commercial land owners in Arizona, has answered the question of what makes a city smart. “Municipalities across the globe are becoming smarter and more sustainable through the integration of communication technology to securely manage their assets. Most of Vermaland has been utilized in that capacity and more,” said  Verma.

Founded by Kuldip Verma, P.E. in 2001, Vermaland is primarily a land banking and land development company based in Phoenix, Arizona, and has been in business for over 16 years as a wholesale buyer and seller of land. Vermaland owns thousands of acres of land, mostly in Tonopah, directly adjacent to the Bill Gates property. The other Vermaland properties; Harquahala ValleyGila Bend and Hyder, have been a huge source of power for thousands with many properties containing solar farms containing hundreds of acres of solar  panels.

Arizona’s smart city, Belmont, is planned to span 25,000 acres with space for 80,000 residential units. Verma, a native of the small village of Nabha, India, knows that India has been ahead of new technologies, like artificial intelligence. He is keenly aware that India has also been working to build smart cities with similar aims, so Verma knows only too well from this interview the impact of this move. Three years ago, Verma made national news with his offer free of charge, of 1000 acres of land to Tesla for their newest gigafactory. Unfortunately, they chose an alternate location in  Nevada.

Verma’s vision for the Arizona tech community is well known and respected, as evidenced in this month’s local Fox 10 Phoenix interview. View it here:

Always looking to the future, Verma predicts that more land for commercial and residential housing will soon be in demand. Vermaland will have the competitive edge to be successful in building on all levels and to facilitate the coming population and economic growth with the advent of Smart Cities. Not unlike the recent investment made by Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffet in the Scottsdale Arizona based S.T.O.R.E. Capital’s retail real estate  venture.

Visit their website and learn more about the company, their history and their unique approach to procuring and cultivating land throughout the valley: To reach Vermaland directly contact Director Anita Verma 3001 W. Indian School Road, Suite 140, Phoenix, AZ, 85017  Ph: 602 -274 – 0700

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