Memorial Tribute: What is It and Why is It Important

Death is inevitable! No matter how powerful, rich, or good a person is, there is no way to escape death. During the journey of life, we come across people who are no more with us. Memorial services are a way to honor a deceased after the funeral, and a memorial tribute is a form of communication to show respect towards the deceased.

For years, it has been a ritual to hold memorial services to honor a person after his death, and memorial tributes are a part of it. The ceremony brings relatives and friends together to let them celebrate the dead person’s life by remembering memories related to the individual. A memorial tribute poses as a method to communicate those feelings that are hard to describe during a memorial service.

Memorial tributes come in many forms, and one or multiple of them are used during or after the memorial service. Some of the most popular memorial tribute types are:

  • Photographs
  • Videos
  • Bifold tribute
  • Poems
  • Condolence letters

Importance of Memorial Tribute


Although death is the ultimate truth, it comes as a shock for a deceased’s family, friends, and relatives. Even after a funeral, it is difficult for them to tell how they feel. A memorial or funeral tribute becomes a source to reflect those feelings while honoring the deceased. Below are some reasons why these written tributes are important:

  • They are the easiest way to honor a person when you’re not in the situation to tell what you think of the deceased.
  • They help tell about the well-lived life of the deceased through short stories or notes.
  • They allow family members and friends to come together and show their feelings in the form of tributes.
  • Instead of staying quiet during a memorable service, these tributes give an opportunity to celebrate the deceased’s life and memorize great moments.

Why Bifold as Memorial Tribute

It can be difficult to accept a loved one’s death. Even after a funeral and at a memorial service, people find it hard to speak up about their feelings. During these tough times, a written tribute is the best way to honor the deceased. 

Although writing the journey of the deceased on a paper can also be a way, a bifold memorial tribute is a way to make a tribute look and feel special. A tribute designed by experts includes a lovely picture of the deceased and their story. 

One of the greatest things about bifold tributes is that you can design them in your own way. From a theme to a picture and a story, almost everything is chosen by you. In this way, it becomes a unique tribute that highlights your special connection with the deceased. 

How to Design Memorial Tributes  

If you’ve decided to design your own tributes, find an online service provider who allows people to design their bifold tributes as per the requirements. Once you found the service provider, the next step is to choose a design for your tributes. It can be selected based on a theme that was a favorite of the deceased.

After picking a design, you can add text to the tribute and choose its size, paper type, and quantity. 


A memorial tribute is an easy, effective way to remember the deceased and tell the story of their well-lived life during a memorial service. A personalized piece of tribute showcases a special connection between you and the deceased. In addition, it grabs the attention of others at the memorial service. If you are holding a memorial service for someone you lost recently, design your tributes and honor the deceased! 

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